Sweep information

These pages provide resources for WA sweeps or potential sweeps, including:

  • Becoming a Sweep
  • Remaining a Sweep
  • Becoming a Sweep Assessor

The DBWA Coaching Director is responsible for coordinating and managing sweeps in Western Australia.

All enquiries should be directed to the DBWA Coaching Director – .

Becoming a Sweep

The sweeping regulations are currently being reviewed by AusDBF to create a National standard to enable sweeps to remain accredited no matter which State they are in and if they move between States.  No date has been set as to when these regulations will be put in place.

The AusDBF Sweep Guidelines April 2010 provides information on the requirements to become and remain a sweep in WA. *NOTE: These guidelines may have been superseded — please check the AusDBF website for current sweep requirements.

The AusDBF document Steering a dragon boat will be of assistance to new sweeps.  Sweeps are responsible for crew safety, and therefore need to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations for navigating waterways.  The Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook provides the information relevant to safe navigation.  If the skippers ticket workbook is unavailable or out of date, please check the Department of Transport website for the latest version.  These documents will be discussed during induction.

From 1 July 2018, to become a sweep in DBWA, the following Process must occur before commencing training on the water:

Level 0 – Novice Sweep

Members must attend a Sweep Induction training session (approx. 5hrs) provided by DBWA before stepping into a boat and commencing sweeping/training on the water.  These are currently being held twice a year in May and October, with dates and venues to be confirmed closer to the time.  However an additional course will be held in August 2018 due to the new protocol.

Members must obtain (and then retain) their First Aid Certificate ‘Provide first aid (HLTAID003)’ (previously called Senior First Aid) before attending this DBWA induction training course. 

During the course members will be trained in:

  • Safety – Crew and sweeps responsibilities
  • Standard calls – Crew instruction and boat control
  • Balancing Methods and Reasons
  • Sweep & Skipper guidelines Review publication
  • Steering Push/Pull, Twist
  • Manoeuvring Utilising different sections of the boat
  • Racing Rules and Regulations, etiquette
  • Complete quizzes

A L1 Sweep Certificate will be provided on completion, which must be shown to your club before you are eligible to commence on water training.

Level 1 – Restricted Accreditation

Training on the water/with your club can now commence, but always with an accredited sweep in attendance (L3+).  Please consult with your club as they should have qualified sweeps that can assist and train you, and also ensure you review the sweep guidelines regarding when and who you are eligible to sweep at this level.

**Fill in your sweep logbook every time you are on the water

If you have completed <20hrs sweeping in all conditions, and wish to be assessed as L2, contact a sweep assessor (see below), or to arrange this.

Continue filling in your sweep logbook every time you are on the water (even once L3 accredited), as this will be used as part of requirement for retaining your accreditation in future years.

DBWA have a pool of sweep assessors who are capable of conducting a sweep assessment.  Sweep assessors will confirm both to you and DBWA once you have passed your assessment, and therefore reached L2 accreditation.

Level 2 – Provisional Accreditation

Once you have L2 status, you can commence sweeping at regattas – wearing a yellow vest.

You must complete a minimum of two races at two regattas within one season to be eligible to become L3 accredited.

Ensure you inform the Coaching Coordinator at the regatta sweeps meeting if you will be sweeping at the regatta, and ensure you wear a yellow vest during racing.  You must also inform your sweep assessor that you are racing so they can assess you on your capabilities.  You will be informed by your assessor and or DBWA should you not be deemed competent after four races and what further training/racing is required.

Level 3 – Full Sweep Accreditation

DBWA Coaching Coordinator will email and confirm when you have become L3 fully accredited sweep.  Certificates will be received at the State Championships each year.

Full details of all accreditation Levels and what members are eligible to do within those levels can be found on AusDBF website.

There are five levels of Sweep accreditation:

LEVEL 0 L0 Novice Sweep Trainee has attended Induction Training, has 1st aid and can commence training




Restricted Accreditation

(Trainee Regional Sweep)

Regional or new club trainee sweep has attended training  and training commences – no sweep supervision essential due to restriction of qualified sweeps
LEVEL 2 L2 Provisional Accreditation
L0 or L1 Completed <20hr sweeping and assessed as competent
LEVEL 3 L3 Full Sweep Accreditation
L2 Sweep having completed minimum of 4 races and deemed competent by State body representative
LEVEL 4 L4 Advanced Sweep Accreditation L3 Sweep with good history and minimum 3 years of experience – by application




Sweep Master
L4 Sweep with international experience and good history – by application

Remaining a Sweep

Sweeps and clubs are responsible for keeping their accreditation and log books current.

DBWA maintains a current register of all accredited sweeps.  This list includes the racing season the sweep was accredited and when re-accreditation is due.  The process for re-accreditation is as per the AusDBF Sweep Guideline.

Becoming a Sweep Assessor

Level 3 and above sweeps are encouraged to become sweep assessors so sweeps can be accredited and promoted when required.

Application for sweep assessor is made via the Sweep Assessor Application form and once completed is to be .