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How do I fit into the world of dragon boating?

How do I know for sure I’m a member of DBWA?

You will be issued with a DBWA ID tag. The ID tags must be worn at regattas, as well as national and international championships sanctioned by AusDBF or IDBF.

What is DBWA, AusDBF and IDBF and how do they fit together?

Dragon Boating Western Australia (DBWA) is the peak body for administrating the sport of dragon boating in WA.  DBWA is a member of the Australian Dragon Boat Federation (AusDBF), which is the peak body for governing the sport in Australia.   AusDBF is a member of the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), which is responsible for governing dragon boat racing worldwide.

Why is it important for me to be a member of DBWA?

As a member of DBWA you are covered under an insurance policy while participating in dragon boat events, including training, regattas and other events sanctioned by DBWA, AusDBF or IDBF.  Your eligibility to participate in events such as regattas, the National Championships and the World Championships is dependent on whether you are a financial member of DBWA.

DBWA equipment

Can our club borrow equipment from DBWA?

DBWA has occasionally lent equipment to clubs, however it determined on a case-by-case basis. A contract is prepared and a rental fee and damage deposit are required. Equipment must be returned in the same condition it was lent, otherwise borrowing privileges may be revoked. Some equipment has stipulations on its use, for example, the dragon boats at Champion Lakes must remain at Champion Lakes and are not to be transported to other locations for use (unless specifically directed by DBWA).

What assets does DBWA have that my club can borrow?

Available equipment is very limited.  DBWA has a few assets that may be made available to clubs.  Lending of the asset is not guaranteed and DBWA reserves the right to refuse the lending or rental of any of its assets.

The assets most commonly requested for loan are the DBWA rescue boat and motor, and the DBWA boats held at Champion Lakes.  The boats are not to be removed from Champion Lakes; if they are borrowed, they must remain at that location.

DBWA does not own a cox vox (i.e. amplifier and speakers for the sweep to communicate with the crew), nor does it own any data acquisition paddles, GPS units, paddle boxes, etc.

DBWA administration and rules

Am I eligibile to paddle in the State Championship?

To qualify for the State Championships, a paddler must have:

  1. paddled in at least one (1) regatta since the start of the season (1 Oct); and
  2. became member of their club prior to 1 Jan of the year of the championship.

For paddlers who have joined after 1 Jan, your clubs will need to send DBWA an exemption request at least 10 days prior to the State Championships.  Clubs are encouraged to ask for exemptions well in advance of the deadline as it not only helps DBWA by giving ample time to make an assessment, but it also makes it easier for the club coaches and team managers to put crews together.

The specific wording of the State Championship requirements are found in the DBWA General Regulations.  In simple words, what the guidelines say is that DBWA will not approve situations where experienced paddlers from other water sports join a club in an attempt to strengthen the crew in hopes of winning medals.  However, if the paddler is joining because they genuinely want to get into dragon boating, then DBWA will likely give the exemption (this includes paddlers who have taken a break from their club for a while due to injury or other reasons, and have rejoined that club again after 1 Jan).

How do I transfer between clubs?

DBWA has a member transfer policy that details the requirements and restrictions for moving between clubs.  The member transfer application form needs to be completed and signed by both the president/delegate of the member’s original club and the new club they want to join.

Why do I have to have a transfer form to move between clubs?

Transfer policies, or clearances as they are often called, are used in most sports and most states involved in dragon boating also use them.

The transfer policy prevents paddlers from moving between clubs without informing their first club and leaving bad debts behind.  Clubs also raised a concern about the ‘poaching’ of members, which has been stopped through the implementation of the transfer policy.  The practice of ‘poaching’ is extremely detrimental to a club, as time and resources have been put into building their membership and the club is easily damaged when members leave.  DBWA has an obligation to our main funding body, Department of Sport and Recreation, to run the association with a minimum of risk to its members.  The transfer policy was brought in to help minimise this risk.

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DBWA is the State governing body for the sport of dragon boating in Western Australia