Indian Ocean crew to compete in Hong Kong

Best of luck to the Indian Ocean Dragon Boat Club (IOD), which is sending a crew to Hong Kong to compete at the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races!  The competition will be held in the Hong Kong harbour on 2-4 June 2017 and is expected to be an exciting event with plenty of Chinese dragon boat tradition and fanfare. (Photo:

In order to maximise their crews and ability to race in multiple events, IOD put forth an EOI for paddlers from other clubs to join them and several paddlers took up the offer.  Members of the Cockburn Blades and The Lakers will be competing with IOD in Hong Kong.  Best of luck IOD crew and may you bring home some bling!

The crew members and races are as follows:

Indian Ocean Dragon Boat Club

Brian Marsden Craig Palmer Frank Sumich Geoff Burgess Gordon Waycott
Hannah Parker Hubert Hiemstra Jason Swiney Jenna Coghill Jesse Cai
Jodie Boulton Julian Freeman Julie Houghton Karen Irvine Kelly Munro
Matt Bowman Mike Rammer Osvaldo Celenza Peter Irvine Phil Moferdin
Richard Parker Ryan Allen Sandy Burgess Sarah-Jane Knowles Sue Martin

*Plus Team Managers Terry and Teresa Parker

Cockburn Blades Dragon Boat Club

Bernie Constable Carlie Byrne Kristin Priest Sharon Corsbie Simon Williams Tim Byrne

The Lakers

 Daniel Foucar

Categories entered

200m 10s racing

  • 2 x mixed 10s teams
  • 2 x open 10s teams
  • 1 x womens 10s

500m 20s racing

  • 1 x open 20s
  • 1 x mixed 20s
  • 1 x fancy dress