IMPORTANT – 14 Feb is deadline for team entries!


As per the information in Bulletin 1 (p.2), the deadline for team entries is this Saturday, 14 February.  Note that this deadline refers to the team entry in SmartSpace — payment is a separate matter and is not due until later (28 Feb is the early bird deadline).  Crew lists are not required at this stage; all that is required is for clubs and State teams to enter the races in which you wish to compete.

Team managers – be sure to review the limitations/restrictions listed in Bulletin 1 (p.3) under the header ‘Competition program’ to ensure your teams can comply.  For example, there is a limit to the number of Masters ages groups a paddler can enter, as well as the number of 2,000 m races in which an individual can compete.

It is understood that SmartSpace is meant to be set up so the team administrators can see what races have been entered by other crews, so the question of whether there are enough crews in a race should be answered by referring back to SmartSpace and checking the status of the entries.  It is also understood that SmartSpace should allow crews to make changes to their entries up until 14 Feb.

Be mindful that there will be a lot of activity on SmartSpace this week, so don’t wait until the last moment to submit entries because no one wants the server to crash!  Start entering your teams now!