How are you getting to Champion Lakes?

Has your team considered transport to and from Champion Lakes and around Perth?

taxi   Champion Lakes is a 30-35 minute drive from Perth CBD (~30 km).  A taxi is expected to cost approximately $50-$70 for a one-way trip.  There are several taxi companies in Perth — they are all about the same.  Fridays and Saturdays are busy in Perth and especially Northbridge — it is recommended that the taxi ranks are used, because flagging down a taxi may take a long time.  Click here for a list of Perth taxi ranks.

Transperth trainA train can be taken from the Perth train station to the Kelmscott Station on the Armadale line, however it will take about 30 minutes and once you arrive in Kelmscott you will need to walk about 2 km to Champion Lakes.

busHiring a charter bus is likely the best way to transport a team, unless it is a very small team and then car hire may be a preferred option.  There are no preferred charter companies, so just look in the Yellow Pages.  Advise the driver there is a designated parking/drop off area at Champion Lakes — see the Champion Lakes – access info and note the purple line and balloons indicating the entry to the parking area and the parking area itself.  Paddlers simply need to walk a short distance from the parking lot across the footbridge at the east end of the lake.

Here is some other information which may be of assistance:

  • There is a ‘free transit zone’ within the CBD which one canTransperth_Bus ride the buses for free.  There are also ‘CAT’ buses (grey with a big black cat on them) that follow set circular route/times in the CBD and are also free.  Click here for CAT bus map.
  • Transperth – Perth’s bus and train network. (There is also one ferry that goes from the city CBD across the river to the south shore, in case anyone wants to visit the zoo.)
  • List of Perth taxi ranks