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Results – Regatta #1 – 9 Nov 2014

See the file below for the results of the 2014-15 season regatta #1, held Sunday 9 November 2014.

The results are the final results and have been double checked against the finishing photos and times recorded.  If there are any discrepancies between the results that were posted or announced at the regatta and the results detailed in the document below, the document below is the correct.

DBWA regatta 1 09112014 corrected

2014 State Championships – Results

One knows the racing is fast and furious when there is a 0.0066 sec split between 1st and 2nd, and only 0.5 sec between the first three boats!

Thank you to all clubs, paddlers, volunteers and spectators who participated in the 2014 State Championships!

    0.0066 second split between 1st and 2nd!
0.0066 second split between 1st and 2nd!  Click to enlarge photo.

2014 State Championships – Final placings 10s and 20s
DBWA State 2014 – 29 March – 10s times
DBWA States 2014 – 30 March – 20s times

Forza Aqua Spectacular – 1 March 2014

Forza Dragon Boat Club held their Aqua Spectacular event on 1 March 2014, and it proved to be a success!  The format was new and required teams to nominate how long it would take them to paddle 200 m, then they had to try and match that time!  The team that came closest to their nominated time would be the winner.

Congratulations to Perth Pirates for first place, and to Cockburn Blades for an extremely close (0.37 sec) second place win!

Many times during the event paddles were laughing and saying, “This is the slowest racing I’ve ever done!” as several of the teams picked a very ‘relaxed’ paddling rate to be used for their races.  This became rather funny to watch when a team with a ‘fast’ nominated race time was matched with a crew with a ‘slow’ nominated race time — people who were watching from the shoreline must have been wondering what kind of strange races were being run!

Forza extends their gratitude to the many people who helped make the event a success, including the volunteers, their sponsors, the City of Bunbury and Department of Sport and Recreation who funded the Forza boat shed from which the event was run, Fremantle Swan DBC for supplying two boats and Trevor for transporting them, and all the members of Forza who helped organise the event and all the clubs and paddlers who came to Bunbury to support it.

The results of the various heats are here: Forza Aqua Spectacular – 1 Mar 14 – RESULTS SHEET.