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Regatta #2 results – 6 December 2015

Congratulations to the many new sweeps who did their second round of racing required for accreditation.  The weather was not as kind to us as  it was for regatta #1, but nevertheless everyone did a good job of lining up the boats and holding a line down the course.

Several people questioned the three heats in the 10s racing.  In short, concerns were expressed that having only two heats for the 10s provided limited race opportunities for some teams.  There were a limited number of 20s boats that had entered, so an attempt was made to strike a balance between keeping the day from running too long and yet still providing sufficient race opportunities for crews. It’s a challenge to find a solution that makes all teams happy due to so many conflicting needs and wants.  If anyone has any ideas on how to improve regattas, or simply want to provide feedback, !

The following results provide the times for the races.  Points will be awarded where applicable (since some crews were racing DNQ* for experience).

Regatta # 2 results – 6 December 2015

*DNQ = does not qualify

2015 Australian Nationals – WA’s best year ever!

Congratulations to the many WA paddlers that won medals at the 2015 Australian National Championships in Perth!

This was our best year ever for medals and DBWA is very proud of all the paddlers, coaches, club committees and club members that worked so hard to prepare for the event.

DBWA is also very proud of the many wonderful volunteers who helped make the 2015 Nationals a success — the feedback was that the volunteers were incredibly helpful, happy and polite and the paddlers really appreciated all their effort and assistance.

 State vs State
1st – Jnr Mixed 10×200
2nd – Jnr Mixed 20×500
2nd – Jnr Open 20×500
2nd – U24 Women 10×500
2nd – U24 Open 10×500
3rd – Senior A Mixed 10 x 200
2nd – Senior B Mixed 10 x 500
3rd – Senior C Mixed 10 x 500

Club vs Club
Fremantle Swans
3rd – U24 Mixed 10×500,
3rd – Jnr Mixed 20×500
3rd – Jnr Women 10×500
2nd – U24 Women 10×500
2nd – Jnr Open 10×500
3rd – U24 Open 10×500
3rd – Jnr Open 20×500
3rd – U24 Mixed 10×200
1st – Jnr Mixed 20×200
3rd – Jnr Women 10×200
2nd – U24 Women 10×200
3rd – U24 Open 10×200
3rd – Jnr Open 20×200
Lakers (Laker Juniors)
3rd – Junior Mixed 10×500
3rd – Junior Open 10×200
3rd – Junior Mixed 10×200
Indian Ocean
4th – Senior A Open 10s x 500
Cockburn Blades
7th – Senior A Mixed 10s x 500


Photos – Bunbury Aquaspectacular 2015

If you have Bunbury photos you’d like to contribute for the DBWA website, please through!

Bunbury 030 (Medium)
I'm watchin' you young'uns... don't make me get my paddle out!
12 item(s) « 1 of 12 »


Further embarrassment related to photo 12 (“Everyone sing like the Bee Gees!”) can be found here. 🙂

Regatta #4 results – 22 Feb 2015

The results for regatta #4 are now available: Regatta results – 22 Feb 2015

Regarding the 2,000 m race, time penalties and awards were determined by the Chief Official, as per the AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing (v3).  Sections R10.3(i) –  missing buoys and R10.6 – impeding/colliding and R10.4(b) – time deduction bonus (for impeded boat) were considered when assigning time penalties and awards.

All sweeps and captains are reminded it is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with the aforementioned AusDBF race rules and ensure compliance with the requirements.  The rules are there not only for sporting fairness, but for safety reasons as well.


Results – Regatta #3 – 18 January 2015

The third regatta of the 2014/2015 race season went well. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the race time results.

Through no fault of DBWA and despite the best efforts of the wonderful volunteers in the finishing tower (a special thank you to them, as they worked hard throughout a very stressful day!), a series of glitches and issues wreaked havoc on the race data.  Some race times are simply unavailable, while other race times are obviously wrong (e.g. between 9 min and 31 min for a 200 m race).  Although some of the times are wrong, they can be used to calculate the time differences between first and second, first and third, etc.

Since some of the times are unavailable and some of the races were very close, the finishing photos have been included as evidence of the finishing order.  The finishing order of the boats have been double checked against the finish photos and confirmed to be correct.  The times that are incorrect or missing are ‘as is’ — there is no way of fixing the data.

DBWA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.  The problems that occurred are being examined by VenuesWest and efforts are being made to prevent the issues from occurring again in the future.

Race results (as is): DBWA regatta 18 January 2015

Finishing photos: Photos – 18 Jan 2015