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State Championships – Day 2, 500m – 24 Mar 2018

Congratulations to all clubs and paddlers who competed at this year’s State Championships.

Thank you to the multitude of people who volunteer their time throughout the year both at regattas and in preparation for regattas.  This includes all of those who participate with finishing tower timing, marshalling, race starts, rescue boat, boat handling and other tasks, as well as coaches, team managers, people who have towed boats to the regattas,  set up toggles, lifted boats onto trailers, ran the sausage sizzles, arranged raffle prizes, put up and took down tents, collected fees, paid fees, worked on club committees, and everyone else who has participated in their various ways to contribute to the DBWA regattas and our sport!  If anyone has been missed, it is not intentional — THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Results for Day 2 of the State Championships:

State Championships – Day 1, 200m – 18 Mar 2018

Congratulations to everyone who participated at the State Championships!   Great work by all teams getting through marshalling and up to the start line quickly – thank you!

Results, in various formats, are as below:

Auroras – Premiers & Seniors – results from China

5 Gold               19 Silver                  11 Bronze

The 13th IDBF World Nations Dragon Boat Championships Kunming, China 18th – 22nd October 2017 saw best ever performances for all divisions.

Auroras Head Coach, Serghei Cucsa was very pleased with the outcome given the number of countries entered and the high standard of the competition.

Divisional Coaches Christopher Alexandrou, Martin Pavelka, Christopher Cheung, Maggie Boyce expressed their thanks for being allowed to work with Australia’s elite Dragon Boat athletes.

“The postponement of the 13th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships meant that athletes had an additional 3 months of training. Their focus, control and determination over this period allowed them to gain a high level of improvement both on and off the water since their selection camps. The overall results demonstrate the level of improvements since the Canada campaign. It was pleasing to see that several of the Premier paddlers who competed as U24s in Divonne-Les-Bain in July were able to use this experience to assist the Premiers in their amazing achievements”

The Premiers, Senior A, B, C paddlers were able to demonstrate in Kunming, China that they are the Future + the Heart & Soul of Australian Dragon Boating. They were able to grow on the ongoing spirit and passion of the AusDBF Auroras by showing that they do have One Heart, One Soul, One Team, and One Goal because they are Australia.

Divisional Results as follows:

Premiers 2 Bronze
Senior A 9 Silver 2 Bronze
Senior B 5 Gold 3 Silver 3 Bronze
Senior C 7 Silver 4 Bronze

Congratulations, Junior & Youth Auroras!

DBWA is very proud to announce the results of the Aurora Junior and Youth crews that competed in France at the World Nations Dragon Boat Championships.

Our WA paddlers were:

  • U16 – Amelia Anderson, Elsie Edmonds, Emma Troncone
  • U18 – Julia Ward
  • U24 – Brad Smits, Steven Smits, Chloe Tindal

The medals won were:
GOLD – 7

The age categories and events in which medals were won are listed below.

medal U16 U18 U24
Gold 2km women’s 10s
2km mixed 10s
2km open 10s
500m women’s 10s
500m open 10s
200m women 10s
200m women’s10s
Silver 2km women’s 10s
500m women’s 10s
500m mixed 10s
200m women’s 10s
200m mixed 10s
200m open10s
2km women’s 10s
500m women’s 10s
200m women’s10s
200m open20s
Bronze 500m mixed 10s
200m mixed 10s
 500m open 20s 2km women’s 10s
2km mixed 20s
500m mixed 20s
500m women’s 10s
200m mixed 20s

State Championships – 19 March 2017 – Day 2 results

Congratulations to all clubs who competed in the 2017 State Championships.  The racing was excellent, with some extremely close and exciting finishes (see photos at the bottom of this page).

The medals standing was as follows:

1,000 m races

  • Youth
    • 1st – Fremantle Cygnets
  • Women
    • 1st – Lakers
    • 2nd – Amazons
  • Mixed
    • 1st – Indian Ocean
    • 2nd – Cockburn Blades
    • 3rd – Forza

500 m races (10s)

  • Womens 10s
    • 1st – Perth Pirates
    • 2nd – Cockburn Blades
    • 3rd – TIED – Forza and Lakers
  • Mixed 10s
    • 1st – Lakers
    • 2nd – Cockburn
    • 3rd – Forza
  • Open 10s
    • 1st – Lakers
    • 2nd – Indian Ocean
    • 3rd – Forza
  • Youth 10s
    • 1st – Lakers Youth
    • 2nd – Fremantle Cygnets – Team 1
    • 3rd – Fremantle Cygnets – Team 2
  • Womens 20s
    • 1st – Lakers
    • 2nd – Cockburn
    • 3rd – Fremantle
  • Mixed 20s
    • 1st – Cockburn Blades
    • 2nd – Lakers
    • 3rd – Indian Ocean
  • Open 20s
    • 1st – Lakers
    • 2nd – Indian Ocean
  • Youth 20s
    • 1st – Lakers Youth
    • 2nd – Fremantle Cygnets
Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
Lakers 5 1 1  6
Cockburn 1 4  5
Indian Ocean 1 2 1  4
Fremantle Cygnets 1 2 1  4
Forza 4  4
Lakers Youth 2  2
Perth Pirates 1  1
Fremantle Swan 1  1
Amazons 1  1


The race times for the heats are available here:

Photos of some of the great finishes of the day are below.  Note that the finishing tower photos tend to ‘stretch’ the boats and have a level of distortion that is necessary to distinguish the order in which boats crossed the line.  The best way to view these photos is to see how much of the dragon’s nose, head or neck is in front of the following boat and you will quickly realise how close these races were!

Closest finish of the day: Race 25 – Lakers Youth (1st) and Fremantle Cygnets (2nd) who were separated by 0.040 of a second!






Race 3 – Mixed 10s x 500m, heat 1





Race 7 – Mixed 10s x 500m, heat 2




Race 19 – Mixed 20s x 500m, heat 2