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Results – Regatta #1 – 9 Nov 2014

See the file below for the results of the 2014-15 season regatta #1, held Sunday 9 November 2014.

The results are the final results and have been double checked against the finishing photos and times recorded.  If there are any discrepancies between the results that were posted or announced at the regatta and the results detailed in the document below, the document below is the correct.

DBWA regatta 1 09112014 corrected

State Team – EOI for 2015 Nationals in Perth

Get your State Team EOI application in before 10 November 2014!

The AusDBF 2015 Australian Dragon Boat Championships are to be held at Champion Lakes, WA between 14 and 18 April 2015.

Members who are interested in representing WA as part of the DBWA State Team may make an Expression of Interest (EOI) application by reading the letter and completing the expression of interest form (see below).

DBWA State team fitness testing requirements apply, however paddlers should not feel stressed about the testing as they will be shown how to perform the exercises correctly.  Most paddlers who have performed the testing found they did better than they expected, especially once they were shown proper technique for the exercise.  It is expected that paddlers may not be able to complete all repetitions of a given exercise at this point in time, but over the coming months will strive to work towards improving their scores to their best levels.

Completed expression of interest forms must be submitted (email) to Rex Tindal, DBWA Coaching Director by Monday, 10 November 2015. .

As interstate flights and accommodation booking is not required for the 2015 Australian Championships it will allow the final team selections and composition to be decided later than in previous years.

Introducing the current DBWA Board

Subsequent to the elections at the 2014 AGM and filling of the vacancy for Elected Board Member ‘C’ via the provisions of clause 11(2) of the DBWA Constitution, the following members form the DBWA Board.  Congratulations to Malcolm and Steve, who have joined the Board for their first time!

  • President – Kristin Priest (Perth Pirates)
  • Deputy President – Rick Salisbury (Cockburn Blades)
  • Administration Director* – Barb Clarkson (Amazons) – *Note: Barb is providing assistance to the Board under the provisions of clause 11(1) of the Constitution.
  • Operations Director – Paula Cottingham (Cockburn Blades)
  • Coaching Director – Rex Tindal (Fremantle Swan)
  • Elected Board Member ‘A’ – Malcolm Anderson (Mandurah)
  • Elected Board Member ‘B’ – Corinna Paeper (Fremantle Swan)
  • Elected Board Member ‘C’ – Steve Vokes (Indian Ocean)

The following positions are vacant and DBWA is accepting expressions of interest (EOI) to fill the positions listed below.  DBWA reserves the right to fill these positions through available means, as the Board deems fit (i.e. may need to purchase services).

  • Finance Director – vacant
  • Communications Director – vacant

EOIs are to be

New club uniform logo requirement – effective immediately

A new requirement is in place for club jerseys, as per the AusDBF National branding roll-out.  It is a requirement that had been suggested some time ago at a national level (2012), but had not been definitively acted upon until quite recently.

It is anticipated this requirement will come as a surprise to some clubs, but it is hoped clubs and members will appreciate the need to raise the profile of our sport through the use of a nationally recognised symbol.  The ability of the sport to grow and obtain funding and increased exposure does depend somewhat on the recognition we get as unified group of members, clubs, State associations and national bodies.  We are all part of the bigger dragon boat community, so wear our WA dragon boat logo with pride!

The AusDBF document Branding of Dragon Boat Crew Racing Jerseys in Australia requires clubs to display on their race tops the approved logo for their State.  Clubs will be required to use this branding no later than the 2014/2015 season.

What does your club need to do?

  1. Download the requirements for national branding – Branding of Dragon Boat Crew Racing Jerseys in Australia.
  2. Read and understand the requirements for logo size, placement, etc.  Be mindful that the document also contains information for State and Aurora uniforms, so ensure the correct section is referenced.
  3. (there are specific file types used by the graphic artists and printers).  If the graphic designer wants to have an idea of what the logo will look like, simply copy the DBWA logo (located at the end of this post), or send a link to this page.
  4. Design the jersey using the correct logo (see note, below).
  5. Comply with the logo requirements as soon as possible, and definitely before the April 2015 Australian Nationals.  DBWA does not have an issue if the logos are not on the club uniforms for the grand prix regattas, but for the WA State Championships and the Nationals it is expected that all clubs will have achieved compliance.

Note:  Achieve compliance in a manner that best suits your club.  For some clubs this may be an opportunity to design and order new jerseys with the logo, for other clubs who have recently purchased new uniforms and cannot afford another batch of new shirts they may find other options, like having their current jerseys embroidered with the logo, or a sew-on badge of the logo , to be a more suitable solution.

If you have any questions, or need assistance determining what logo to use and where to put it, please and we will be happy to assist.

DBWA 2.jpg
DBWA logo required for national branding on club jerseys

Pan Pacific Master Games, 1 – 9 Nov 2014


The Gold Coast will play host to the 9th Pan Pacific Masters Games this year.  With an expected 12,000 participants, it is the largest masters sporting event of its kind in the world.

The event includes over 40 sports and runs from 1 – 9 November 2014.  Dragon boat racing is held on 8 – 9 November.

The event coordinator is searching for dragon boat enthusiasts over 40 years of age who would be interested in the event.

Standard entry fees end on the 3rd September, with an additional fee of $20 for entries after this date. Team entries for dragon boats close Friday 10 October 2014 5pm and individuals entering  into existing teams close Friday 30 October 2014.

The following poster and document contains dragon boat specific competition information, as well as general games information.

Below is a direct link to the dragon boat events page on the PanPac website-

If further information is required, please send an email to the .


AusDBF Aurora’s Head Coach Announcement

The following announcement was sent from the Australian Dragon Boat Federation Ltd:

AusDBF,  with great pleasure wish to announce the appointment of Serghei Cucsa as Head Coach for the Aurora’s Campaign for 12th IDBF World Nations Championships to be held in Welland Canada  19 – 23 August 2015.

AusDBF have elected to exercise their discretionary right to take up the second year option of Serge’s original proposal which encapsulated 2014 – 2015 International Championships.

We were pleasantly surprised by the level of  interest and the many questions  fielded by individual Board members on  – “how to become an Aurora?”

It seems that the pride to wear the Green & Gold jersey is alive and well in the Australian dragon boat fraternity.

Attached please find the following Expressions of Interest:
* 2014 -2015 Australian Team Coaches Selection
* 2014-2015 AusDBF Team Manager EOI.

Paddlers, information for you,  regarding land based fitness testing, Camp 1 which covers further fitness testing and single craft on water time trials, plus full program details will soon be made available.

Check the AusDBF website  World Championships / IDBF 2015 Welland Canada, as information will be continually uploaded as and when documents are created.

2014 State Championships – Results

One knows the racing is fast and furious when there is a 0.0066 sec split between 1st and 2nd, and only 0.5 sec between the first three boats!

Thank you to all clubs, paddlers, volunteers and spectators who participated in the 2014 State Championships!

    0.0066 second split between 1st and 2nd!
0.0066 second split between 1st and 2nd!  Click to enlarge photo.

2014 State Championships – Final placings 10s and 20s
DBWA State 2014 – 29 March – 10s times
DBWA States 2014 – 30 March – 20s times

Forza Aqua Spectacular – 1 March 2014

Forza Dragon Boat Club held their Aqua Spectacular event on 1 March 2014, and it proved to be a success!  The format was new and required teams to nominate how long it would take them to paddle 200 m, then they had to try and match that time!  The team that came closest to their nominated time would be the winner.

Congratulations to Perth Pirates for first place, and to Cockburn Blades for an extremely close (0.37 sec) second place win!

Many times during the event paddles were laughing and saying, “This is the slowest racing I’ve ever done!” as several of the teams picked a very ‘relaxed’ paddling rate to be used for their races.  This became rather funny to watch when a team with a ‘fast’ nominated race time was matched with a crew with a ‘slow’ nominated race time — people who were watching from the shoreline must have been wondering what kind of strange races were being run!

Forza extends their gratitude to the many people who helped make the event a success, including the volunteers, their sponsors, the City of Bunbury and Department of Sport and Recreation who funded the Forza boat shed from which the event was run, Fremantle Swan DBC for supplying two boats and Trevor for transporting them, and all the members of Forza who helped organise the event and all the clubs and paddlers who came to Bunbury to support it.

The results of the various heats are here: Forza Aqua Spectacular – 1 Mar 14 – RESULTS SHEET.



Congratulations Hannah!

hannahCongratulations to Hannah Dixon, who is one of only 14 women to be selected to represent Australia at the inaugural IDBF World Cup in Fuzhou, China, in June 2014!

In December 2013 IDBF announced that the top nations from the 2013 World Championships would be invited to participate in a Team’s event over five different competitions, with a range of race formats and race distances. In a unique set-up especially designed for this event, crews will contest the World Cup over 100, 200, 400, 500 and 1,000 metres.

Good luck Hannah!  You are a very worthy recipient of this honour!

EOI – casual vacancies for DBWA Board member positions

The DBWA Board is requesting expressions of interest from members to help fill casual vacancies on the Board.  Due to one unfilled position after the AGM, two resignations (Jenny Clements and Dustin Smith), plus a Board member who is on FIFO, we are very short-staffed and need members to assist us.

The positions are operational in nature and we require people who are willing to be actively involved in the Board (e.g. checking their emails on a routine basis and participating in planning discussions, making phone calls, going to the shops and purchasing items and equipment as necessary, helping set up equipment at the regattas, helping with media relations and publications,  etc., etc.).

There is plenty to do, so please become engaged in your sport at a high level and contribute to the growth and development of dragon boating in Western Australia.  Note that there are some great opportunities for people (especially Juniors) who want practical experience to put on their CV / résumé!

Interested members are encouraged to send DBWA an email advising of the skills and abilities they feel they can bring to the Board, and what time commitment they could make to the position.  At this point, even short-term assistance to the Board would be helpful, as we have various projects we would like to develop. It does not matter if one is in a regional area, as that can be accommodated.  Please email to discuss further.