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DBWA State Team – EOI for photos from 2015 Australian Championships

DBWA now has the State Team photos that were taken by Aussies in Action at the 2015 Australian Championships.  Photos of all State teams (Junior, U24, Premier, Senior A, B & C) are all available.

If you are considering obtaining copies of the photos, please register your interest by completing the form below.  The price has yet to be determined, but is expected to be less than $20 for all the photos.

Other details about the process have yet to be determined.  At this point it is only an EOI for the photos, as the number of people who are interested will influence a few key factors of the process.

Click here for EOI registration form:

Still need accommodation?

discovery holiday parks

If your team has yet to book accommodation, Discovery Parks has contacted DBWA and advised they still have room availability and would be happy to accommodate more teams at a group discounted rate.

Discovery provides a variety of styles of accommodation services with cabins ranging from economy through to Deluxe 3BR cabins depending on your requirement and budget. Discovery can also accommodate for small or large group bookings whether it be for social or business along with short or long term stays.

If your team would like a proposal, (Business Development Manager) or phone her on (08) 8219 3000 or mobile 0413 228 561.  Website:


Accor Hotels Perth has great specials available for the duration of the Dragon Boat Championships. The Sebel, Novotel, Mercure, ibis and ibis Styles offer a level of comfort to suit all tastes and a rate to match all budgets. Simply click on the link and start exploring!

GE motor lodge logoGE motor lodge logo

Great Eastern Motor Lodge is offering a discounted rate of 10% to any competitors or delegates who attend the 2015 National Dragon Boat Championships.  Situated only 5 minutes from Perth CBD,  8 minutes from the domestic airport and 5 minutes to the Tonkin Highway leading to the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre. Visit the website to find out room rates and more.

Training bookings – CONFIRMED

The training booking schedule has been finalised, meaning that all interstate crews who have requested bookings have now been entered and are confirmed.

View this document to see your club’s booking time: Training Day bookings 2015 – 9 April 15

Any time slots which are still available may be filled by WA crews and/or any interstate teams that have yet to book a training time on a first come, first serve basis.


The boats are here! The boats are here!

Our new, beautiful boats have arrived!  Yayyyyy!!!

Two sea containers holding 20 brand-new dragon boats arrived in Fremantle and was transported to a warehouse in Welshpool for unloading on Sunday, 15 February 2015.

A big THANK YOU to all those people who came to help unload… lifting and moving 20 boats is no easy feat!

2015 boats 026 (Medium)
8th boat out of the container... fancy gold scales!
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How are you getting to Champion Lakes?

Has your team considered transport to and from Champion Lakes and around Perth?

taxi   Champion Lakes is a 30-35 minute drive from Perth CBD (~30 km).  A taxi is expected to cost approximately $50-$70 for a one-way trip.  There are several taxi companies in Perth — they are all about the same.  Fridays and Saturdays are busy in Perth and especially Northbridge — it is recommended that the taxi ranks are used, because flagging down a taxi may take a long time.  Click here for a list of Perth taxi ranks.

Transperth trainA train can be taken from the Perth train station to the Kelmscott Station on the Armadale line, however it will take about 30 minutes and once you arrive in Kelmscott you will need to walk about 2 km to Champion Lakes.

busHiring a charter bus is likely the best way to transport a team, unless it is a very small team and then car hire may be a preferred option.  There are no preferred charter companies, so just look in the Yellow Pages.  Advise the driver there is a designated parking/drop off area at Champion Lakes — see the Champion Lakes – access info and note the purple line and balloons indicating the entry to the parking area and the parking area itself.  Paddlers simply need to walk a short distance from the parking lot across the footbridge at the east end of the lake.

Here is some other information which may be of assistance:

  • There is a ‘free transit zone’ within the CBD which one canTransperth_Bus ride the buses for free.  There are also ‘CAT’ buses (grey with a big black cat on them) that follow set circular route/times in the CBD and are also free.  Click here for CAT bus map.
  • Transperth – Perth’s bus and train network. (There is also one ferry that goes from the city CBD across the river to the south shore, in case anyone wants to visit the zoo.)
  • List of Perth taxi ranks

IMPORTANT – 14 Feb is deadline for team entries!


As per the information in Bulletin 1 (p.2), the deadline for team entries is this Saturday, 14 February.  Note that this deadline refers to the team entry in SmartSpace — payment is a separate matter and is not due until later (28 Feb is the early bird deadline).  Crew lists are not required at this stage; all that is required is for clubs and State teams to enter the races in which you wish to compete.

Team managers – be sure to review the limitations/restrictions listed in Bulletin 1 (p.3) under the header ‘Competition program’ to ensure your teams can comply.  For example, there is a limit to the number of Masters ages groups a paddler can enter, as well as the number of 2,000 m races in which an individual can compete.

It is understood that SmartSpace is meant to be set up so the team administrators can see what races have been entered by other crews, so the question of whether there are enough crews in a race should be answered by referring back to SmartSpace and checking the status of the entries.  It is also understood that SmartSpace should allow crews to make changes to their entries up until 14 Feb.

Be mindful that there will be a lot of activity on SmartSpace this week, so don’t wait until the last moment to submit entries because no one wants the server to crash!  Start entering your teams now!



Meet our mascot… T-Rex!!


Fast and furious, T-Rex is a force to be reckoned with!  As far as dragons go, T-Rex embodies the spirit of the sport; he gives it his all and is passionate while still being a good sportsman… or is that a good sportslizard?

T-Rex may seem like a bit of an odd name for a dragon boat mascot, however he isn’t actually named after the dinosaur (although that works too).  T-Rex is actually an acronym of the name of a highly respected individual within the sport of dragon boating in WA.  The name was suggested by a paddler because they noted this individual is extremely dedicated to the ongoing development and improvement of the sport both within the State and nationally, and he has done an immense amount of work with juniors and high-performance crews.

It was agreed that it was a great name for our mascot and we hope T-Rex reminds each of us to work hard, support each other and strive to bring out the best in every paddler at the 2015 Australian Championships!  Paddles up!



Training calendar for Mon 13 April 2015

Please read the information below if you have requested, or want to request, a training session.

Crews who have requested a booking time have been entered and the times confirmed as per the calendar (see below).  Tentative “second bookings” have been penciled in for those crews that are very large and are unable to accommodate their teams within a single time slot.  These tentative second bookings will be confirmed once all teams have had an opportunity to request a training session.

To help accommodate some late flights, the training time has been extended to include another time slot at 2:00 pm.  This means training is now available from 8:00 am, with the last session at 2:00 pm, to be off the water at 3:00 pm.

All time slots are 1-hour in duration, starting on the hour .  Apologies for the request form, which is a bit confusing as it has 30 minute time increments.

Requests will be processed in the order received.

If anyone wishes to revise the booking time that is in the calendar, or has a very large team and would like to be placed on a waiting list for a second time slot, please use the email link below and send a message with the information you would like to be considered.

  • requesting changes or additional timeslots
  • Click here to access the current training calendar: Training Day bookings 2015 (last updated 16 Feb at 8:25 pm WST) Don’t forget to refresh your browser, otherwise you may not see the current changes.