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EOI – casual vacancies for DBWA Board member positions

The DBWA Board is requesting expressions of interest from members to help fill casual vacancies on the Board.  Due to one unfilled position after the AGM, two resignations (Jenny Clements and Dustin Smith), plus a Board member who is on FIFO, we are very short-staffed and need members to assist us.

The positions are operational in nature and we require people who are willing to be actively involved in the Board (e.g. checking their emails on a routine basis and participating in planning discussions, making phone calls, going to the shops and purchasing items and equipment as necessary, helping set up equipment at the regattas, helping with media relations and publications,  etc., etc.).

There is plenty to do, so please become engaged in your sport at a high level and contribute to the growth and development of dragon boating in Western Australia.  Note that there are some great opportunities for people (especially Juniors) who want practical experience to put on their CV / résumé!

Interested members are encouraged to send DBWA an email advising of the skills and abilities they feel they can bring to the Board, and what time commitment they could make to the position.  At this point, even short-term assistance to the Board would be helpful, as we have various projects we would like to develop. It does not matter if one is in a regional area, as that can be accommodated.  Please email to discuss further.

State Team/Aurora fitness testing – 23 Feb 2014

The next round of fitness testing for State Teams and other member who is interested will be at Champions Lakes on Sunday 23rd Feb.  Be there for 08:00 am for a 08:30 am start. We need to be away from there at 11:30 am/12:00 pm at latest.

Please send any queries to .

Motion Masters

DBWA has a been able to arrange a discount when buying Motion Masters and the affiliated software and licence, and clubs can access this discount by purchasing the item through DBWA.  The discount works out to 10% off the retail price, plus free delivery.

There is also an iPhone app for the Motion Master which collects data.  The data from the app is a subset of the Motion Master itself collects, but it still provides valuable information.

If your club is interested in buying a Motion Master, contact DBWA.

EOI for volunteers to assist with 2015 National Championships

DBWA needs help from anyone who can spare some time to assist with the 2015 National Championships.  The time commitment can be adjusted to suit your needs, and with today’s electronic communications, doesn’t matter where you live!

Some of the areas we are looking for ideas and assistance include:

  • Merchandise
  • Media
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Logistics (e.g. tents, food stalls, etc)
  • Volunteers
  • Paddler entertainment
  • Cultural aspect

If you are interested in helping out, please with your name, email and mobile phone number.

Starting pontoons

DBWA is investigating the use of the pontoon at the regattas.  The pontoon have obvious advantages (less variation in starting position across all lanes), but also has some disadvantages, namely the cost involved, the number of volunteers required to assist on the pontoon, and the need to shift it so the 2,000 m race can be run.

It is uncertain whether the pontoon is a feasible option for use at all the grand prix regattas, but DBWA is endeavoring to put measures in place which minimise inconsistent or unfair starts.  It is already recognised that fair and equitable starts are of significant importance at the State Championships.

Feedback on DBWA Regattas requested

Members wishing to comment on what could be improved or what worked at the 2013/14 regattas are encouraged to send an .  Your thoughts and comments are valued!

Have any photos?

DBWA is seeking photos for the website.  If members have any good-quality digital pictures they are willing to make available for use, please send them through to

Where possible, please provide a brief explanation of where/when the photo was taken and the name(s) of the people in the picture.  DBWA cannot guarantee all photos will be used, but will endeavor to use them wherever possible.