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First Aid/CPR Courses – for current and aspiring sweeps and coaches

Upcoming course/EOI

It is an AusDBF requirement for all coaches and sweeps to have and retain first aid accreditation.  The required course is nationally accredited and is known as ‘Provide First Aid’.

EOI for 5 May 2018 cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course is now available (for all members). Please complete the following Jotform:

If DBWA get less than 8 responses the course will not be proceeding, noting priority will be provided to coaches and sweeps – with a maximum number of 16 course attendees.


In addition to the above DBWA have agreed to provide the following funding towards CPR and first aid requirements.  Note there are differences in funding depending on whether or not one is a coach or sweep.


DBWA will run a CPR Course in May and another in Nov 2018.  These course will be fully funded for any member (see above for class size limits).

Should you not attend the arranged courses, it will be up to the member to arrange and pay for their own CPR course in full (see discount information, below).  The courses for this year will be held at the Royal Life Saving venue at Mt Claremont.

  • Course 1 – Sat 5 May 2018
  • Course 2 – Sat 3 Nov 2018

DBWA has arranged a discount for its members through Royal Life Saving.  A DBWA member who books a public session through the website and utilises the promo code ‘DBWAA’ will be charged only $40 for the course.  This will be at the member’s cost; no further subsidy or discount is available through DBWA.

First aid (HAID 003)

DBWA will provide $40 subsidy towards a First Aid course completed by a current Coach/Sweep ONLY.  This will be paid only through club on viewing of receipt, a legible copy of which must be scanned and forwarded to

DBWA has arranged a discount for its members through Royal Life Saving.  A DBWA member who books a public session through the website  ) and utilises the promo codeDBWA’ , will be charged only $85 for the course. This will be at the member’s cost; no further subsidy or discount is available through DBWA.

Please forward any questions about the courses or the information above to Laura Hughes,.

Sweep information

These pages provide resources for WA sweeps or potential sweeps, including:

  • Becoming a Sweep
  • Remaining a Sweep
  • Becoming a Sweep Assessor

The DBWA Coaching Director is responsible for coordinating and managing sweeps in Western Australia.

All enquiries should be directed to the DBWA Coaching Director – .

Becoming a Sweep

The AusDBF Sweep Guidelines April 2010 provides information on the requirements to become and remain a sweep in WA. *NOTE: These guidelines may have been superseded — please check the AusDBF website for current sweep requirements.

Please consult with your club in the first instance as they should have qualified sweeps who can assist and train you.  The AusDBF document Steering a dragon boat will be of assistance to new sweeps.  Sweeps are responsible for crew safety, and therefore need to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations for navigating waterways.  The Recreational Skippers Ticket Workbook provides the information relevant to safe navigation.  If the skippers ticket workbook is unavailable or out of date, please check the Department of Transport website for the latest version.

New sweeps are required to obtain and retain the nationally accredited certification ‘Provide first aid (HLTAID003)’ before they reach sweep Level 2.  This certification used to be known as ‘Senior First Aid’.

There are five levels of Sweep accreditation:

  • Level 0 – Novice Sweep
  • Level 1 – Restricted Accreditation
  • Level 2 – Provisional Accreditation
  • Level 3 – Full Sweep Accreditation
  • Level 4 – Advanced Sweep Accreditation
  • Level 5 – Sweep Master

When one is comfortable and competent enough, they can undertake the written and practical tests.  Contact or a sweep assessor for the written assessment questions, and to become fully accredited. DBWA have a pool of sweep assessors who are capable of conducting a sweep assessment.

Remaining a Sweep

Sweeps and clubs are responsible for keeping their accreditation and log books current.

DBWA maintains a current register of all accredited sweeps.  This list includes the racing season the sweep was accredited and when re-accreditation is due.  The process for re-accreditation is as per the AusDBF Sweep Guideline.

Becoming a Sweep Assessor

Level 3 and above sweeps are encouraged to become sweep assessors so sweeps can be accredited and promoted when required.

Application for sweep assessor is made via the Sweep Assessor Application form and once completed is to be .

Important changes to AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing

AusDBF updated the rules for competition racing in March 2012.  Unfortunately, the new version of the rules have yet to be updated on the AusDBF website.  DBWA has provided them below.

AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing – 08 March 2012

AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing (superseded) – 25 April 2011

The most significant changes are to the 2,000 m race.  Sweeps are strongly encouraged to read the 2,000 m race regulations in full as there are too many changes to list here – see ‘R10. Racing Rules for 2000 metre Dragon Boat Races’  (pages 41 – 44).  One key change that all sweeps must be aware is:

  • section R10.3 (g) – crews cannot overtake once they have passed the 50m buoys going into the turns and all crews must hold their position around the turns; failure to ‘hold your station’ will receive an automatic time penalty of twenty (20) seconds.

Other changes include:

  • section 13.4 – increase in the size of bum mat permitted (increase from dimensions of 12.5 cm x 33 cm to an allowable 20 cm x 40 cm);
  • section 7.11 (c) – clarification of State vs State points tally, specifying that if a State enters two teams in the same category and division, then only the crew with the highest placing will be awarded points;
  • section 7.11 (d) – revisions to point scoring for Club vs Club racing (please view the regulations for more information);
  • section 7.12 – qualification for the IDBF Club Crew World Championships has been simplified