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Aurora Fitness Tests

Below are links to Serge and others demonstrating the various fitness tests being used for the Auroras Macau campaign. The beep test has not been included as it is a 4Mb file. If anyone would like a copy please contact , who will arrange to send separately. sit ups push ups one arm snatch chin ups bench press women bench press men

Remember with all exercises start low and work up to towards the required number of repetitions! If you are not sure about a particular exercise, ask your gym staff, or contact Rex Tindal.

Included below are links to various other exercises that may be useful to put some variation into gym routines and with assist with fitness.


Beep Test
Bench Press women
Bench Press men
Chin ups
Sit ups
One arm snatch
Two arm Snatch
Clean & jerk(kettle bell) Double and Single
Side press(kettle bells)
Rotations(kettle bell)
Russian Twist
Up right row
Behind pull
Sit press
Behind press
Leg press
Dragon sit ups
Dead lift
Sledge hammer
Sit ups (claps)