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2017-18 WA State Dragon Boat team

Congratulations to all members of the 2017-18 State Team!  The team will be competing at the 2018 Australian National Championships at Lake Kawana in Queensland.

A big congratulations too, to our flag bearer, Maureen (Mo) Cowdell.  Mo is a very active member of the Denmark Dragon Boat Club and a valued paddler and sweep. See below for a photograph of Mo.

Members of the State Team are listed below, as is a photo.


WA State Team 2017-18

Maureen (Mo) Cowdell


WA State Team 2017-18
Paddler   Club
Amelia Anderson Mandurah
Malcolm Anderson Mandurah
Andrew Barnes Cockburn Blades
Grace Beeson Fremantle Swan
Geoff Burgess Indian Ocean
Sandy Burgess Indian Ocean
Katie Burrow Lakers
Carlie Byrne Cockburn Blades
Tim Byrne Cockburn Blades
Jamie Clark Fremantle Swan
Kyla Clark Fremantle Swan
Cherie Cobban Cockburn Blades
Tanya Cobban Fremantle Swan
Sharon Corsbie Cockburn Blades
Lexie Cosgriff Fremantle Swan
Maureen Cowdell Denmark
Ann Maree Crook Fremantle Swan
Will Davie Fremantle Swan
Joanne Dixon Fremantle Swan
Dylan Duce Fremantle Swan
Joe Dunne Fremantle Swan
Elsie Edmonds Denmark
Graeme Elliott Fremantle Swan
Jude Foss Fremantle Swan
Daniel Foucar Lakers
Shani Golden Forza
Jennifer (Jenny) Hall Amazons
Jake Harris Denmark
Denise Holroyd Fremantle Swan
Xavier Houston Fremantle Swan
Laura Hughes Fremantle Swan
Karen Irvine Indian Ocean
Peter Irvine Indian Ocean
Kayla Jerez Fremantle Swan
Kelvin Koay Indian Ocean
Alan Konning Perth Pirates
Susan Konning Perth Pirates
Lynne Kostanic Cockburn Blades
Lexi (Alexandra) Latto Fremantle Swan
Isabella Leech Fremantle Swan
Kimberley Mahony Fremantle Swan
Kim Marsden Amazons
Maggie Marshall Cockburn Blades
Richard Marshall Cockburn Blades
Sue Martin Indian Ocean
Heather Masters Fremantle Swan
Evelyn McNicol Fury
Gayle Morgan Fremantle Swan
Luke Ottaviano Fremantle Swan
Molly Owen Fremantle Swan
Valerie Prentice Fremantle Swan
Kristin Priest Cockburn Blades
Carol Roberts Fremantle Swan
Kady Sherwood Fremantle Swan
Georgina Smith Perth Pirates
Jamie Smith Fremantle Swan
Brad Smits Lakers
Ruby Spackman Fremantle Swan
Wade Spackman  Fremantle Swan
Scott Sparkes-MacDonald Fremantle Swan
Molly Svensson Fremantle Swan
Shannon To Indian Ocean
Emma Troncone Fremantle Swan
Susan Troncone Amazons
Frank Urbano Cockburn Blades
Alex Wheeler Fremantle Swan
Vivienne Wigg Cockburn Blades


Team Captains
Junior captains- Joe Dunne and Elsie Edmonds
Junior vice captain- Emma Troncone
Premier captain’s- Kim Mahony and Ann-Maree Crook
Senior B Women captain Mo Cowdell

Joe and Emma
Elsie and Mo
Kim and Ann-Maree

State Team FAQs

Do you have concerns about trying out for the State Team? If so, read on!

Let’s address a few of those potential worries:

I don’t think I’m a good enough paddler to be on the State Team.

This is not uncommon. Many paddlers underestimate their own abilities and have self-doubts, even at the highest level of competition.  However, these concerns are often exaggerated because it is very difficult for an individual to assess how well they paddle.  Unlike other team sports, one cannot count the number of goals they made, or how many times they blocked a shot, or how fast they ran compared to everyone else. Chances are you are a better paddler than you realise. So give it a go and try out!  If nothing else, you are likely to learn more about paddling and have a great time making new friends.

I’d like to try out, but I’m FIFO / going on a long holiday / I’ll miss a training camp, etc.

You should still give it a go and try out.  Unless you are going to miss every training camp, or be on holiday for most of the season, this shouldn’t prohibit you from trying out and potentially being on the State Team.  This especially applies to reasonably fit and experienced paddlers, who tend to pick up their technique and fitness quickly after being on a break. Give it a go — try out anyway!  If you are selected for the team, there are options available to help you be ready when it comes time to race at the Nationals. Just give it a go.

I’m not sure if I can commit to the dates for the Nationals — I won’t know until my leave gets approved (or some other reason) and that won’t be until after the EOI closes

No one can ‘guarantee’ that they will be available for the Nationals, as unexpected things do happen, such as injuries, new jobs, cash flow issues and a host of other reasons.  The question is whether you have best intentions of going to the Nationals — if you intend to do what you can to attend, and you are as committed as you can be in your own personal circumstances, then that is all that is asked of you. The most important thing is to communicate with the coaches so that if your circumstances do change, they can make crew adjustments.

I think I can paddle well enough, but the idea of doing a beep test and/or lifting weights freaks me out!  I’m nervous about applying because I’m worried about the benchmarking tests.

Many people feel uncomfortable and concerned about the benchmarking tests the first time they are asked to do them. It’s a normal reaction, because it is outside of one’s comfort zone. You know how to paddle… so why are you being asked to do push ups?!  Don’t worry!  The push ups and other exercises are just so the coaches can get an idea of where everyone is at with their fitness.  The coaches know it is only the start of the season and recognise that people may have been on winter break, or have no experience in the exercises.  It’s totally okay!  We all have to start somewhere, and the benchmarking gives the coaches the information to help them build and develop the team.  So relax — people will help and encourage you during the exercises and it’s actually more fun (yes, fun!) than you would expect it to be.

State Team – Expressions of Interest – now closes 18 Nov 17

Note: New closing date for EOI – 18 November!

DBWA is now accepting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the State Team.  The selected crews will compete at the 2018 Australian Dragon Boat Championships (Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast QLD, 3-8 March 2018).  At a minimum, DBWA is very keen to put forward Junior, Premier and Senior A crews, but the preference is to be able to enter teams in all age categories.  It is hoped that paddlers will encourage each other to submit an EOI to try out for the team.

EOIs are to be submitted before 18 November 2017 by going to the Jotform link below and completing the required questionnaire. Paddlers who are currently on the Australian Nationals team (Auroras) must still submit an EOI, but do not need to do the initial bench marking.

Remember, you cannot fail these tests!  They are simply benchmarks; the coaches will be looking for you to improve on your tests each time you do them.  So there is no need to be afraid — everyone is very supportive of one another and the coaches will help you through the testing process.  If you have any concerns about the testing (e.g. have bad knees or injury), please , DBWA Coaching Director, to discuss.

Paddlers should note the slight decrease to the weights for the upright row.  It has been decided to decrease the weight in the hope of allowing people to achieve higher numbers within the 2 minutes.  The 10kg will be used in preference to the 20kg bar, as people are likely to have more access to the lighter-weight bar.

Please read the following information and watch the videos to understand the technique to be used for the tests.

1. Upright row with bounce (Not Strict) – in 2 mins

The start of the video shows approximate width of hands; they should be just inside your hip width. There are two ways of doing the move. The first three moves uses a single bounce with stopping between each one. The last few seconds of the video shows a double bounce, with no stopping between the repetitions.

The main things to remember are:

  • Keep your hands close to your body throughout the move.
  • Keep your elbows above (higher) than the weight.
  • Don’t go any lower than the point where you have straight arms/body – your hands do not go past your knees.
  • This is more of a leg exercise than an arm exercise (see below).

The arms control the move, but it is the leg drive which allows the weight to be lifted up to the level of the arm pit. If you do not go to straight arms at the bottom, or bring the weight up to your armpit with your elbows high, that rep will not count.

2. Push ups

You can use this clip to practise the 3 sec cadence that will be used on testing day.  Remember, it is full push ups on your toe and making sure your elbows bend to create a right angle (i.e. no partial push ups). On the day, to help ensure this, you will partner up with another paddler, who will then put their fist on the ground at your sternum position.  The push up will involve lowering yourself so that your sternum touches their fist time (i.e. one touch per push up). If you do not do the correct technique, you will get a warning.  If one’s technique is lost for a second time, then that will be the count for the maximum number of repetitions.

3. Sit ups – in 2 mins

For this you are looking to ensure your shoulder blades touch the ground each time, and your elbows touch the top half of your legs each time. If you do not do full technique that sit up will not count. See the video below for the correct hand position for junior and senior women, and for men, as they are all different.

4. Beep test – to end of level stated

The distance is 20m on hard ground (e.g. pavement) or 19m on grass.  The beep test requires one to run in a straight line, then rapidly change direction, once they get to the line. One has to touch the line before the beep to be counted.  You cannot start running again until the next beep, so it helps to practice your timing. If you miss the line once, you will get a warning.  If you miss touching the very next line, that will be recorded as your level.  NOTE: if you have bad knees, please get a doctor’s note and liaise with , DBWA Coaching Director, to discuss and arrange for alternate testing (e.g. ergo testing) to be done. .

It may help reading up on techniques that can help with your beep test performance.  Turning on the line is a skill, and it helps to practice it.

5. Plank – 3 mins

The plank is to be done on elbows and toes, with the body straight between shoulders and heels.  If your bottom raises, you will be warned.  On the second warning you will be considered out and your time will be recorded.  Likewise, once any part of your body drops to the floor (e.g. knee, chest) that will be marked as your time.

2017 Australian Dragon Boat Championships – Thursday 20 to Monday 24 April 2017

The information below has been taken from the AusDBF Facebook postPlease follow the AusDBF post or the AusDBF website for updates.

The regatta venue of the 2017 Australian Dragon Boat Championships as Gateway Lakes, Lemke Road, Wodonga, Victoria.

Albury-Wodonga sits at the centre of the Melbourne–Sydney–Canberra triangle and at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

Wed 19.04.2017 Training Day
Opening Ceremony
Thursday 20.04.2017 Masters Racing Day
Friday 21.04.2017 Masters Racing Day
Saturday 22.04.2017 State V State Racing Day
Sunday 23.04.2017 Juniors & Premiers Racing Day
Monday 24.04.2017 Juniors & Premiers Racing Day
After Party
Tuesday 25.04.2017 AusDBF ANZAC Day Dawn Service


DBWA State team photos – available for purchase

Clubs, please circulate this message to your members, particularly those who were in the 2015 DBWA State team.

Re: Professional State team paddling photos are now available! Get them all for only $18!

Professional photos were taken of all the DBWA State team crews paddling at the 2015 Nationals; these photographs are now available for purchase.

If a digital photo is purchased direct from the photographer it costs $28 per photo.  DBWA has bulk purchased all the State team pictures, which means you will get 1280 photos for the low price of $18!  Yes, that’s only $18 for all the photos!

With your purchase you will receive:

  • Approximately 8GB of professional photos taken on State vs State day — includes paddlers, sweeps, drummers, candid shots and any professional team photos that were taken
  • Includes all photos taken – i.e. you will have all pictures of Juniors, U24, Premiers, Senior A, B & C crews, both on water and land — not just your crew, but all the crews
  • Each picture is approximately 5 to 6 KB and therefore suitable for printing up to 16″ x 24″ (40 x 60 cm) and may be successfully cropped and printed without significant loss of resolution
  • No restrictions on use of photos – you are free to print them as many times as you want (and email them to your mum!)
  • Photos will be provided on a flash drive (thumb drive)
  • Postage to anywhere in WA

The photos may be viewed on line at Aussies in Action and for your convenience a sample of the watermark-free DBWA State team photos may be viewed here (note the sample photos have been reduced in size and quality — the photos will be very high quality, not as grainy as the ones in the example).

If you would like to purchase the photos, please complete the order form and make payment.  Payment details are below — for those who are wondering, I am collecting the money directly because I will be the one paying for the flash drives, envelope and postage, etc. so I need to be reimbursed and will then deposit the DBWA portion of the payment into the DBWA account.

Order form:
Bank details are provided on the form for payment.

For those of you who have already filled in an EOI form the other week saying you were interested in buying the photos, please complete the form above as I need your mailing address (and payment).

If you have any questions, please just ask — .


Kristin Priest
DBWA President/2015 Senior A State Team coach

DBWA State Team – EOI for photos from 2015 Australian Championships

DBWA now has the State Team photos that were taken by Aussies in Action at the 2015 Australian Championships.  Photos of all State teams (Junior, U24, Premier, Senior A, B & C) are all available.

If you are considering obtaining copies of the photos, please register your interest by completing the form below.  The price has yet to be determined, but is expected to be less than $20 for all the photos.

Other details about the process have yet to be determined.  At this point it is only an EOI for the photos, as the number of people who are interested will influence a few key factors of the process.

Click here for EOI registration form:

EOIs – State Team coaches for 2016 – due 5 June

Following on from the great results at the 2015 Australian Championships in Perth DBWA are seeking expressions of interest for DBWA State team coaches for the following categories in preparation for the 2016 Australian Championships in Adelaide:

  • Junior / U24
  • Premiers
  • Senior A
  • Senior B
  • Senior C

Please refer to the DBWA coaching structure document and complete the expression of interest document.  The due date for submissions is Friday, 5th June 2015

Applicants are to provide contact details to discuss application if required.

Any queries please contact.

State Team – EOI for 2015 Nationals in Perth

Get your State Team EOI application in before 10 November 2014!

The AusDBF 2015 Australian Dragon Boat Championships are to be held at Champion Lakes, WA between 14 and 18 April 2015.

Members who are interested in representing WA as part of the DBWA State Team may make an Expression of Interest (EOI) application by reading the letter and completing the expression of interest form (see below).

DBWA State team fitness testing requirements apply, however paddlers should not feel stressed about the testing as they will be shown how to perform the exercises correctly.  Most paddlers who have performed the testing found they did better than they expected, especially once they were shown proper technique for the exercise.  It is expected that paddlers may not be able to complete all repetitions of a given exercise at this point in time, but over the coming months will strive to work towards improving their scores to their best levels.

Completed expression of interest forms must be submitted (email) to Rex Tindal, DBWA Coaching Director by Monday, 10 November 2015. .

As interstate flights and accommodation booking is not required for the 2015 Australian Championships it will allow the final team selections and composition to be decided later than in previous years.

DBWA State team fitness testing

Testing for the DBWA State Team will be held as per the details below. The testing is open to anyone who has submitted an expression of interest plus anyone else who would like to see what is involved in the various fitness test exercises. All DBWA paddlers are encouraged to attend, as you the testing is not as difficult as it may first appear.

Test date: Saturday, 26 October 2013 from 09:00 am
Test location: Champion Lakes (view map)
Things to bring: training shoes, drink bottle(s) with appropriate fluid, healthy snacks, and paddle gear if you wish to try the TK1 canoes

Regional paddlers who want to try out for State teams or Auroras Macau campaign (State Team testing is the same day as the WA Auroras fitness testing) and are unable to attend at Champion Lakes on 26th October should contact for alternative arrangements.

Two TK1 canoes (with outriggers fitted) will also be available for paddlers to try.

Auroras Macau campaign
For those who would like to try out for the Auroras Macau campaign please read the following two documents and email your expression of interest to do the fitness test. Note that some of the fitness tests for the Auroras Macau campaign are different to the DBWA State team tests. If you will be trying out for the DBWA state teams and also the Auroras Macau campaign you will only need to do the fitness test once.

Aurora Macau document # 1 – 2013 AusDBF LETTER EOI 2014 ASIAN CHAMPS MACAU
Aurora Macau document # 2 – Season Campaign Schedule – Aurora’s