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Rules and Regulations


DBWA Constitution OFFICIAL – 07 Nov 2013

DBWA Constitution SUPERSEDED – 3 September 2012 (new logo 24Feb2013) – superseded
DBWA Constitution OFFICIAL SUPERSEDED 8-Sept-2010superseded

General Regulations

Summary of Grand Prix Points and regatta rules – October 2017

DBWA Event Sanctioning application form

DBWA Safety Manual June 2017

DBWA General Regulations – 24 February 2013 (new logo added 24Feb2013)
DBWA General Regulations – 5 September 2011superseded


The Australian Dragon Boat Federation (AusDBF) is responsible for various rules which are applied at a national level across the sport.  The documents are regularly reviewed and updated, and are available on the AusDBF website at, or more specifically, go to

The following titles are documents which are commonly referenced by DBWA.  For the most recent version, please find the applicable document on the AusDBF website.

  • AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing
  • List of Member Protection Officers
  • AusDBF Harassment Free Sport Policy
  • AusDBF Ethical Rights Policy
  • WADA-Prohibited-List-07Mar2013


DBWA Code of Conduct policy – 5 Sept 2011 (new logo 24 Feb 2013)

DBWA Risk Management Policy – 5 Sept 2011 (new logo 24 Feb 2013)

DBWA Member Transfer Policy – 5 Sept 2011 (new logo 24 Feb 2013)

DBWA Dragon boat safety requirements – 22 July 2012 (new logo 24 Feb 2013)

DBWA Regional and Junior membership policy – 5 Sept 2011 (new logo 24 Feb 2013)

DBWA Member Protection Policy

Sweep Accreditation Policy

DBWA New Club Application Policy – 7 Oct 2013

National Branding – Logos and uniforms

AusDBF logo library (DBWA logo for crew uniforms is here)

AusDBF Style guide 2012

Branding of Dragon Boat crew racing jerseys in Australia

If the link to either the Style Guide or  Branding of Crew Jerseys guide becomes broken, see AusDBF website

Important changes to AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing

AusDBF updated the rules for competition racing in March 2012.  Unfortunately, the new version of the rules have yet to be updated on the AusDBF website.  DBWA has provided them below.

AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing – 08 March 2012

AusDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing (superseded) – 25 April 2011

The most significant changes are to the 2,000 m race.  Sweeps are strongly encouraged to read the 2,000 m race regulations in full as there are too many changes to list here – see ‘R10. Racing Rules for 2000 metre Dragon Boat Races’  (pages 41 – 44).  One key change that all sweeps must be aware is:

  • section R10.3 (g) – crews cannot overtake once they have passed the 50m buoys going into the turns and all crews must hold their position around the turns; failure to ‘hold your station’ will receive an automatic time penalty of twenty (20) seconds.

Other changes include:

  • section 13.4 – increase in the size of bum mat permitted (increase from dimensions of 12.5 cm x 33 cm to an allowable 20 cm x 40 cm);
  • section 7.11 (c) – clarification of State vs State points tally, specifying that if a State enters two teams in the same category and division, then only the crew with the highest placing will be awarded points;
  • section 7.11 (d) – revisions to point scoring for Club vs Club racing (please view the regulations for more information);
  • section 7.12 – qualification for the IDBF Club Crew World Championships has been simplified