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AusDBF Aurora’s Head Coach Announcement

The following announcement was sent from the Australian Dragon Boat Federation Ltd:

AusDBF,  with great pleasure wish to announce the appointment of Serghei Cucsa as Head Coach for the Aurora’s Campaign for 12th IDBF World Nations Championships to be held in Welland Canada  19 – 23 August 2015.

AusDBF have elected to exercise their discretionary right to take up the second year option of Serge’s original proposal which encapsulated 2014 – 2015 International Championships.

We were pleasantly surprised by the level of  interest and the many questions  fielded by individual Board members on  – “how to become an Aurora?”

It seems that the pride to wear the Green & Gold jersey is alive and well in the Australian dragon boat fraternity.

Attached please find the following Expressions of Interest:
* 2014 -2015 Australian Team Coaches Selection
* 2014-2015 AusDBF Team Manager EOI.

Paddlers, information for you,  regarding land based fitness testing, Camp 1 which covers further fitness testing and single craft on water time trials, plus full program details will soon be made available.

Check the AusDBF website  World Championships / IDBF 2015 Welland Canada, as information will be continually uploaded as and when documents are created.

Auroras – Seeking paddlers for 2015 Canada campaign!

In August 2015, the Auroras will represent Australia at the IDBF World Dragon Boat championships in Welland, Ontario, Canada (near Niagara Falls).

WA paddlers have been very competitive in previous Aurora selection campaigns and several of our athletes have been chosen to paddle in the National team and represent various age categories from Junior through to Senior C.

Selection criteria are used in determining the Aurora crews.  Active training is required for one to be successful, however the requirements are achievable by most paddlers who have the desire and drive to compete at an elite level.  A positive attitude and good team spirit are critical components of the assessment process and are considered as important as the fitness of the paddler.

Fitness testing will be held 30 May to 15 June, fitness criteria have been set and dates for training camps have been scheduled (for more information, click here).

For those who are interested in trying out for the Auroras, assistance and guidance is available from DBWA.  For example, DBWA can help with personalised training programs for Aurora hopefuls, as well as provide technique training for the various tests so paddlers can safely build themselves up to the fitness levels required.  DBWA also has equipment that can be used to conduct these technique training sessions, so the exercises can be done at a dragon boat club, versus needing to go to a gym.

An information session for all interested paddlers will be prepared in the near future to detail the process of building up one’s fitness to the required levels in an achievable manner.

Please direct queries to , DBWA Coaching Director.


Congratulations Hannah!

hannahCongratulations to Hannah Dixon, who is one of only 14 women to be selected to represent Australia at the inaugural IDBF World Cup in Fuzhou, China, in June 2014!

In December 2013 IDBF announced that the top nations from the 2013 World Championships would be invited to participate in a Team’s event over five different competitions, with a range of race formats and race distances. In a unique set-up especially designed for this event, crews will contest the World Cup over 100, 200, 400, 500 and 1,000 metres.

Good luck Hannah!  You are a very worthy recipient of this honour!

State Team/Aurora fitness testing – 23 Feb 2014

The next round of fitness testing for State Teams and other member who is interested will be at Champions Lakes on Sunday 23rd Feb.  Be there for 08:00 am for a 08:30 am start. We need to be away from there at 11:30 am/12:00 pm at latest.

Please send any queries to .

Aurora Fitness Tests

Below are links to Serge and others demonstrating the various fitness tests being used for the Auroras Macau campaign. The beep test has not been included as it is a 4Mb file. If anyone would like a copy please contact , who will arrange to send separately. sit ups push ups one arm snatch chin ups bench press women bench press men

Remember with all exercises start low and work up to towards the required number of repetitions! If you are not sure about a particular exercise, ask your gym staff, or contact Rex Tindal.

Included below are links to various other exercises that may be useful to put some variation into gym routines and with assist with fitness.


Beep Test
Bench Press women
Bench Press men
Chin ups
Sit ups
One arm snatch
Two arm Snatch
Clean & jerk(kettle bell) Double and Single
Side press(kettle bells)
Rotations(kettle bell)
Russian Twist
Up right row
Behind pull
Sit press
Behind press
Leg press
Dragon sit ups
Dead lift
Sledge hammer
Sit ups (claps)

Fitness requirements

The fitness requirement for the Auroras is determined by AusDBF. For more information see below.

  • Details and videos of the required fitness tests
  • Contact to discuss the Aurora schedule and dates for tryouts and training camps

Medal tally for WA paddlers at the World Championships in Hungary

The WA Auroras were involved in the following results:

Juniors (U16 & U18)

2000 jnr mixed       – 4th
2000 jnr women     – silver
2000 jnr open        – bronze

1000 jnr mixed      – bronze
1000 jnr open        – 4th

500 10s mixed jnr A – gold
500 10s mixed jnr B – gold

500 10s jnr women   – gold
500 10s jnr open      – silver

200 10s mixed jnr A – gold
200 10s mixed jnr B – gold

200 10s jnr women   – gold
200 10s jnr open      – silver

Under 24s
200 10s U24         – gold.
500 10s U24         – gold.

Senior A
2000 20s Open       – 7th (new Australian record time)
200 20s Open        – 4th
The Senior A Open crews made the minor finals for the rest of the races

Senior B
2000 10s Open       – Gold
1000 20s Open       – Bronze
200 10s Open         – Gold
500 10s Open         – Silver

Senior C
2000 20s Open       – Gold
2000 20s Mixed      – Gold
500 20s Open         – Gold
200 20s Open         – Gold
500 20s Mixed        – Silver
200 20s Mixed        – Silver


Australia’s national team, the Auroras, did an amazing job at the 11th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championship, 23-28 July 2013 in Szeged, Hungary, bringing home 35 medals in total – 15 Gold, 16 Silver and 4 Bronze! Click here for WA paddler results.

Our WA Auroras are wearing many of those medals — the Juniors won medals in 11 of their 13 races, and the Senior paddlers brought several medals home, too.  DBWA congratulates all the Aurora paddlers on their excellent accomplishments.

Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Auroras!

Congratulations to the WA Juniors/Under 23’s and the senior paddlers who were selected on to the Auroras and will represent Australia at the 11th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Szegred, Hungary!

The successful paddlers are:

Junior/Under 23 Auroras Senior Auroras
Keeva Brooks Russell Clappinson
Todd Clappinson Mike Higginson
Josh Clements Stewart Tempest
Hannah Dixon Gordon Waycott
Hannah Price
Emily Tempest
Chloe Tindal
Molly Svensson


Don’t be fooled by their laughter and smiles… these Juniors are serious competitors and a force to be reckoned with!