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One month to go – Senior Auroras

Only one month to go before the Senior Auroras will be on the water in China!  The World Nations Dragon Boat Championships runs from 18-23 October in Kunming, China.

Training sessions are now up to six on-water paddling workouts per week, and two gym sessions.  Everyone is very fit and committed to their team and training, and are looking forward to the championships.  A big ‘THANK YOU‘ from all the WA Auroras to their clubs and club team mates for all the support, encouragement, fund-raising and enthusiasm that has been shared with them on their journey to the Worlds!

See our WA Auroras here.

Congratulations, Junior & Youth Auroras!

DBWA is very proud to announce the results of the Aurora Junior and Youth crews that competed in France at the World Nations Dragon Boat Championships.

Our WA paddlers were:

  • U16 – Amelia Anderson, Elsie Edmonds, Emma Troncone
  • U18 – Julia Ward
  • U24 – Brad Smits, Steven Smits, Chloe Tindal

The medals won were:
GOLD – 7

The age categories and events in which medals were won are listed below.

medal U16 U18 U24
Gold 2km women’s 10s
2km mixed 10s
2km open 10s
500m women’s 10s
500m open 10s
200m women 10s
200m women’s10s
Silver 2km women’s 10s
500m women’s 10s
500m mixed 10s
200m women’s 10s
200m mixed 10s
200m open10s
2km women’s 10s
500m women’s 10s
200m women’s10s
200m open20s
Bronze 500m mixed 10s
200m mixed 10s
 500m open 20s 2km women’s 10s
2km mixed 20s
500m mixed 20s
500m women’s 10s
200m mixed 20s

Cheer on our Aurora Juniors and U24s!

There are only a few weeks left until our Junior and U24 Auroras depart for France to compete at the World Dragon Boat Championships.  For the majority of our young WA paddlers, this will be their first time competing at the Worlds.

These young athletes are training several days per week, with paddling sessions of up to 10km or more (including in single-craft, such as a kayak or TK1), and gym sessions are also part of their weekly training requirements.  Please be sure to cheer them on and give words of encouragement during this critical training period!  Support is very welcome during this time when the training is hard and the days are cool and daylight hours are short!

Our Juniors and U24 Auroras are listed here, along with their photos.

The World Championships for the Juniors and U24 will be held 27-30 July 2017 in France.  The World Championships for the Premier and Senior crews will be held in October, in China.

Congratulations, Auroras!

Congratulations to all the paddlers who tried out for the Auroras, the Australian national dragon boat team!  The WA paddlers were very successful during this selection campaign.  In August the fitness tests were run and 100% of all WA paddlers who tried out were invited to the selection camps which were held over east in the last quarter of 2016.  This in itself is a significant achievement and a credit to all the paddlers who strived to meet the challenging fitness benchmarks.

The Aurora selection camp was typically rigorous and of the 25 WA paddlers who competed for a spot on the team, 19 were selected for the Auroras crew and another two are on standby, in case someone is injured or must withdraw from the team.  For WA to have nearly 76% of those who tried out make the Aurora team is a huge accomplishment and reflective of the quality of paddlers in this State.

Although each paddler who tried out has personally dedicated significant time and effort to reach an elite level, it is only through the ongoing support and assistance of the clubs, coaches and team mates that the WA paddlers have been able to achieve such success.  DBWA extends a big ‘thank you’ to all paddlers and members for your support and encouragement of the paddlers who strive to compete at an elite level — it would not be possible without you!

The 2017 World Championships have been divided into two events this year, with the U16, U18 and U24s heading to Divonne-Les-Bains France from 27-30 July, and the Premier and Senior crews competing in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China between 18-23 October.

This separation of age categories has provided AusDBF with an opportunity to do something that is not usually possible – and that is to allow members in the Premier Auroras team to also be eligible for the U24 team.  A second EOI was sent out and three of our WA members were selected to compete in this category; two of which had also been selected for the Premier team (Brad and Steve Smit), with Chloe Tindal being added to the team.  WA now has representatives across all Auroras divisions.

The WA paddlers are shown below, along with their details.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Auroras can for more information.

Name Club Photo No of times selected as Aurora
Amelia Anderson

Junior Under 16

MDBC   1st time
Elsie Edmonds

Junior Under 16

Denmark   1st time
Jake Harris

Junior Under 16 (standby)

Denmark   1st time
Jana Hughes

Junior Under 16 (standby)

Denmark   1st time
Emma Troncone

Junior Under 16

FSDBC   1st time
Julia Ward

Junior Under 18

Lakers   1st time
Bradley Smits

U24 and Premier

Lakers   1st time
Steven Smits

U24 and Premier

Lakers   1st time
Chloe Tindal


FSDBC   2nd time
Daniel Foucar


Lakers   3rd time (Canada, Asian, China)
Carlie Byrne

Senior A

CDBC   1st time
Tanya Cobban

Senior A

FSDBC   1st time
Sharon Corsbie

Senior A

CDBC   1st time
Kim Mahony

Senior A

FSDBC   2nd time (Canada, China)
Heather Masters

Senior A

FSDBC   1st time
Kristin Priest

Senior A

CDBC   2nd time (Canada, China)
Suzy Cammilleri

Senior B

FSDBC   2nd time (Canada, China)
Joanne Dixon

Senior B

FSDBC   2nd time (Canada, China)
Vivienne Wigg

Senior B

CDBC   1st time
John Beinke

Senior C

Lakers   2nd time (Canada, China)
Keith Parker

Senior C

Lakers   1st time

Auroras 2017 – Beijing, China

The registration process has begun for the IDBF 13th World Nations Championships 2017 to be held in Beijing, China.  The exact dates of the event have yet to be confirmed.

Registrations to try out for the Aurora team must be received by AusDBF by 31 July 2016.

The Aurora registration form is via Jotform – the link is located on the AusDBF website and is directly above the table labelled ‘Attachments’.  Alternately, try this link:

Paddlers are to after they have submitted their registration so the Junior and Senior fitness benchmark days can be organised.

The first round of selections will be the fitness benchmarking. The benchmark days are as follows:

  • Juniors (U16 & U18) – Sunday 24th July at Metro – Swan Yacht Club starting from 0900, Regional – Denmark
  • U24, Premiers, Senior A, Senior B, Senior C and will be run on Sunday 28th August (venue and time to be advised later).

To get invited to the selection camp participants need to demonstrate an appropriate level of fitness benchmarking.  Single craft paddling (TK1 with outrigger) is part of the Aurora selection process, however please note this is part of the second round of benchmarking conducted at the selection camp.

Please see the AusDBF website for the fitness testing requirements, paddler agreement, code of conduct and other important information.  If you have any queries about the Auroras or the processes to be followed, please for assistance.

WA Auroras – Bring on Canada!!

After some 15 months of preparation, the WA Auroras are off to Canada tonight,  Saturday 8 August!  WOOHOO!!


Flight time is 5 minutes to midnight, arriving in Hong Kong at 7:45 am, then departing 3 hours later at 10:45 am.  Scheduled to land in Toronto at 1:45 pm on Sunday 9 August (Toronto time), which equates to Monday, 10 August at 1:45 am in Perth (12 hours ahead).

Details for live streaming video have yet to be announced.  It is suggested one checks the following websites for any updates:

The World Championships start on Wed, 19 Aug.  The race schedule is as below.  DBWA wishes the Auroras the best of luck to BRING HOME SOME BLING!!!

Wed 19 2000m sml/std boats
Thurs 20 1000m
Fri 21 500m mixed sml/std boats
Sat 22 200m std/sml boats
Sun 23 500m opens/womens sml/std boats

WA Auroras – Canada send-off

On Sunday 2nd August the WA Auroras will train at 0900 and then have the WA group presentations and send off at Swan Yacht Club (Freo) after training. Family, friends, supporters are all welcome to attend the presentation / send off after training.

The WA contingent of the Auroras fly out late (very late!) on the evening of 8 August.  There is approximately a one-week acclimatisation and training period (and perhaps a bit of sight-seeing at Niagara Falls) before the World Championships on 19-23 August 2015 in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Best of luck to the Aurora team!  Make Australia proud!