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Deadlines – 2014 Nationals

Deadline dates are as follows:

  • Friday 28 Feb 2014 – Club submissions to Souvenir Race Program
  • Sunday 9 March 2014 – Team entries due
  • Sunday 30 March 2014 – Payment of entry fees due (no late payments will be accepted — no payment, no racing!)
  • Sunday 30 March 2014 – Deadline for comments on draft Race Draw
  • Sunday 6 April 2014 – Expected release date of final Race Draw

Forza Aqua Spectacular – Bunbury, 1 March

Forza invites all DBWA clubs to their Aqua Spectacular event on Saturday, 1 March 2014, held in Bunbury.

Racing will start at 4pm and will finish at 8pm on Saturday 1st March. This year the format will be different. We will be asking the crews to nominate their own race times at the briefing session. The times nominated and margins will be announced after the first heat so that the crews will have some idea on how they went. However the other two heats will be announced on completion of racing.  A perpetual trophy and prize money is on offer.

The minimum number of paddlers is 8 and the maximum is 20.  No drummers

  • Crew lists can be as many  as you like.
  • Only two teams allowed from each club. (No swapping)
  • Naturally no timing devices allowed on the water.
  • BBQ packs will be available and no alcohol is allowed until after racing.
  • Serious paddling (training) is available for those who wish on Sunday 2nd March.

Please contact Forza members at the next two DBWA regattas for more information.  It promises to be a fun weekend with lots of activities happening  along the promenade.  Contact details for event entry will be distributed at a later date, in the meantime, please send DBWA an email to express your club’s interest in attending the Aqua Spectacular.

Lion’s Eye Institute needs volunteers!

The Lions Eye Institute in Nedlands has contacted DBWA asking for volunteers to assist in a research study.  The Western Australia Eye Protection Study (WAEPS) is valuable to paddlers and other people who spent a lot of time doing sports and activities outdoors.  The Institute is seeking participants aged 12 years and over who are regularly involved in outdoor sporting or other outdoor activities. For more information, see the Invitation Letter and WAEPS Brochure2014.


To be covered for public liability and personal accident insurance one must be a member of a DBWA affiliated club.  The policy does, however, cover the following non-members:

  • Paddlers who are attending on a trial basis (maximum 3 times in a boat)
  • Officials
  • Volunteers
  • First aid /medical persons attending an event on behalf of a DBWA club
  • Non-club coaches
  • Trainers
  • Masseurs

If you are paddling in a boat with a club (after the first 3 times), and are not a member of a DBWA club, you are not covered by insurance.

The marine hull policy does not include public liability and personal accident, as it is covered under the public liability and personal accident which is part of the DBWA membership fee.

Insurance documents for the 2016-17 season are provided below:


Insurance documents for the 2015-2016 season are provided below:



Congratulations to the Junior and Senior Auroras!

Congratulations to the WA Juniors/Under 23’s and the senior paddlers who were selected on to the Auroras and will represent Australia at the 11th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Szegred, Hungary!

The successful paddlers are:

Junior/Under 23 Auroras Senior Auroras
Keeva Brooks Russell Clappinson
Todd Clappinson Mike Higginson
Josh Clements Stewart Tempest
Hannah Dixon Gordon Waycott
Hannah Price
Emily Tempest
Chloe Tindal
Molly Svensson


Don’t be fooled by their laughter and smiles… these Juniors are serious competitors and a force to be reckoned with!

2013 National Championships

National Championships – Monday, 15 April – Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bulletin 2 – 2013 AusDBF Australian Dragon Boat Racing Championships – 23 February 2013


The 2013 National Championships will be held in Penrith, New South Wales from Monday 15 April to Saturday, 20 April 2013 (inclusived). Click here for specific information on race dates and categories.

As per agreement between all State associations and AusDBF, the format of the 2013 Nationals has been revised to accommodate the needs of paddlers, as best as possible.  It was recognised that many paddlers, and especially Premier and Junior paddlers, struggle to obtain time away from work and study to attend the Nationals, so the racing has been revised so that paddlers in the Masters and up age groups paddle on the first two days of the Nationals, then the State vs State racing is held mid-week, followed by Premier and Junior racing.  This allows paddlers to attend for a shorter time-period as may be necessary, but if paddlers wish to stay longer and participate in the event atmosphere there are expected to be opportunities for them to volunteer, if desired, and assist with the operation of a National event.

Logistical issues with deconstruction of the regatta centre impeded Sunday being used for racing.

A steering committee is being set up between the States and AusDBF to further consider the format of the Nationals in future years.  Although the 2013 Nationals will incorporate some changes, it is expected that more changes will still be required to adapt and accommodate the increased participation at the championships.