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Results – Regatta #1 – 9 Nov 2014

See the file below for the results of the 2014-15 season regatta #1, held Sunday 9 November 2014.

The results are the final results and have been double checked against the finishing photos and times recorded.  If there are any discrepancies between the results that were posted or announced at the regatta and the results detailed in the document below, the document below is the correct.

DBWA regatta 1 09112014 corrected

State Team – EOI for 2015 Nationals in Perth

Get your State Team EOI application in before 10 November 2014!

The AusDBF 2015 Australian Dragon Boat Championships are to be held at Champion Lakes, WA between 14 and 18 April 2015.

Members who are interested in representing WA as part of the DBWA State Team may make an Expression of Interest (EOI) application by reading the letter and completing the expression of interest form (see below).

DBWA State team fitness testing requirements apply, however paddlers should not feel stressed about the testing as they will be shown how to perform the exercises correctly.  Most paddlers who have performed the testing found they did better than they expected, especially once they were shown proper technique for the exercise.  It is expected that paddlers may not be able to complete all repetitions of a given exercise at this point in time, but over the coming months will strive to work towards improving their scores to their best levels.

Completed expression of interest forms must be submitted (email) to Rex Tindal, DBWA Coaching Director by Monday, 10 November 2015. .

As interstate flights and accommodation booking is not required for the 2015 Australian Championships it will allow the final team selections and composition to be decided later than in previous years.

2015 Nationals – Champion Lakes information

As any paddler knows, it’s always nice to have a bit of an idea about the race course for the National Championships before one arrives.

The following photos and information will give teams a ‘feel’ for Champion Lakes, site of the 2015 Nationals, as well as provide some helpful logistical information for travel to the site.

Champion Lakes is operated by VenuesWest, a trust of the State Government that was set up to manage Western Australia’s major state-owned sporting facilities.  VenuesWest is WA’s provider of premier sports, recreation and entertainment venues.

map_smallMap showing parking, train station, shops – Champion Lakes – access info

Photos of Champion Lakes

9 Feb 14 088 (Medium)
Boat loading area — Beach is sandy with some small-sized gravel. A retaining wall has recently been built near the water’s edge, so boat loading is expected to be from pontoons. The water is relatively shallow at this location.

Back of Function Centre — Finishing tower is on opposite side of building (to the right of photo). Boat loading area is to immediate left of photographer.
Front of Function Centre — Race course is on right (looking towards start line). Finishing tower is directly behind photographer.


9 Feb 14 125 (Medium)
Finishing tower — Tower is equipped with photo-finish capability and automatic timing system. Speakers are located on either side of the starting line, so all boats will be able to hear the starter equally well.


9 Feb 14 120 (Medium)
View towards finishing tower (from road) — Race course is to the left, Function Centre is to the right.


9 Feb 14 130 (Medium)
View towards finishing tower (from footpath) — Tents are to the right in this photo. Access to this shore is restricted (i.e. stay on footpath) to avoid bank erosion.


Introducing the current DBWA Board

Subsequent to the elections at the 2014 AGM and filling of the vacancy for Elected Board Member ‘C’ via the provisions of clause 11(2) of the DBWA Constitution, the following members form the DBWA Board.  Congratulations to Malcolm and Steve, who have joined the Board for their first time!

  • President – Kristin Priest (Perth Pirates)
  • Deputy President – Rick Salisbury (Cockburn Blades)
  • Administration Director* – Barb Clarkson (Amazons) – *Note: Barb is providing assistance to the Board under the provisions of clause 11(1) of the Constitution.
  • Operations Director – Paula Cottingham (Cockburn Blades)
  • Coaching Director – Rex Tindal (Fremantle Swan)
  • Elected Board Member ‘A’ – Malcolm Anderson (Mandurah)
  • Elected Board Member ‘B’ – Corinna Paeper (Fremantle Swan)
  • Elected Board Member ‘C’ – Steve Vokes (Indian Ocean)

The following positions are vacant and DBWA is accepting expressions of interest (EOI) to fill the positions listed below.  DBWA reserves the right to fill these positions through available means, as the Board deems fit (i.e. may need to purchase services).

  • Finance Director – vacant
  • Communications Director – vacant

EOIs are to be

New club uniform logo requirement – effective immediately

A new requirement is in place for club jerseys, as per the AusDBF National branding roll-out.  It is a requirement that had been suggested some time ago at a national level (2012), but had not been definitively acted upon until quite recently.

It is anticipated this requirement will come as a surprise to some clubs, but it is hoped clubs and members will appreciate the need to raise the profile of our sport through the use of a nationally recognised symbol.  The ability of the sport to grow and obtain funding and increased exposure does depend somewhat on the recognition we get as unified group of members, clubs, State associations and national bodies.  We are all part of the bigger dragon boat community, so wear our WA dragon boat logo with pride!

The AusDBF document Branding of Dragon Boat Crew Racing Jerseys in Australia requires clubs to display on their race tops the approved logo for their State.  Clubs will be required to use this branding no later than the 2014/2015 season.

What does your club need to do?

  1. Download the requirements for national branding – Branding of Dragon Boat Crew Racing Jerseys in Australia.
  2. Read and understand the requirements for logo size, placement, etc.  Be mindful that the document also contains information for State and Aurora uniforms, so ensure the correct section is referenced.
  3. (there are specific file types used by the graphic artists and printers).  If the graphic designer wants to have an idea of what the logo will look like, simply copy the DBWA logo (located at the end of this post), or send a link to this page.
  4. Design the jersey using the correct logo (see note, below).
  5. Comply with the logo requirements as soon as possible, and definitely before the April 2015 Australian Nationals.  DBWA does not have an issue if the logos are not on the club uniforms for the grand prix regattas, but for the WA State Championships and the Nationals it is expected that all clubs will have achieved compliance.

Note:  Achieve compliance in a manner that best suits your club.  For some clubs this may be an opportunity to design and order new jerseys with the logo, for other clubs who have recently purchased new uniforms and cannot afford another batch of new shirts they may find other options, like having their current jerseys embroidered with the logo, or a sew-on badge of the logo , to be a more suitable solution.

If you have any questions, or need assistance determining what logo to use and where to put it, please and we will be happy to assist.

DBWA 2.jpg
DBWA logo required for national branding on club jerseys

What to see and do while in Western Australia

Welcome to WA and the 2015 National Championships!

If you are wondering if it is worth adding a few extra days to your stay when you come for the 2015 Australian National Dragon Boat Championships, well… it is!  Western Australia has plenty to see and do, especially for the active outdoors person.


To assist you with your plans, DBWA has put together the following list of places you may wish to consider visiting.   Please note that these are not paid advertisements, rather they are simply places that are enjoyed an admired by the WA locals who live here!

If desired, one could visit the locations listed below, in the order they are presented (or reverse order) over the course of a week, but a couple more days would allow it to be more relaxing.  A trip to Margaret River to Augusta and returning by the same route to Perth (i.e. do not go to Walpole, Denmark, Albany, etc.) could be completed in 2 days, if time was tight, but the trip would be far more enjoyable if it was done at a more leisurely pace of at least 3 or 4 days.

Tourism WA Visit the Tourism WA website

DPAW Find adventure activities via the Department of Parks and Wildlife

Kings Park, Perth – 5 min by bus from CBD


Kings Park is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner city parks. It is home to the spectacular Western Australian Botanic Garden, which displays over 3,000 species of the State’s unique flora. Two thirds of the 400 hectare park is protected as bushland and provides a haven for native biological diversity. Visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Ranges to the east.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth – 15 min west of CBD

Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular of all Western Australia’s city beaches. It is located only 15 minutes from the city centre.  Renowned for its relaxed lifestyle and its one and a half kilometre stretch of golden sand, it is also the perfect place to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean while dining on fresh seafood.

Cottesloe beach-

Rottnest Island – 90 min from Perth and 45 min from Fremantle by ferry

Rotto fish

Situated 18 km west of Perth, Rottnest Island is a popular holiday destination.  Diving and snorkeling are common activities, owing to its varied limestone reef terrain, and plentiful fish.  The island features historic buildings and pleasant beaches, all reachable via the many cycling tracks; cycling being the island’s main mode of transport – private or hire cars are not allowed on the island.

Busselton Jetty – 2.5 hrs south-west of Perth


Busselton is a lovely town with beautiful sandy beaches and the famous heritage listed Busselton Jetty.  At 1.8 km in length, it is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.  Stroll down to the end of it and you will discover the amazing underwater observatory teeming with fish and other sea life.  A brilliant opportunity for non-divers who wish to experience an underwater ‘dive’ without getting wet!  For those who like to dive, Busselton has plenty of dive sites and the sunken battleship HMAS Swan to explore.


Margaret River – 3 hrs south-west of Perth

Margaret River is known for its excellent wines and spectacular, world-class surf waves.  A thriving tourist town, Margaret River is filled with excellent accommodation and restaurants, and with its sizable artisan population there are many beautiful art objects and handicrafts to admire and enjoy.  Margaret River is a prime location from which to explore south-west WA.


Marg River wave

Lake Cave – Caves Road, Augusta – 3 hrs 15 min south-west of Perth

Lake Cave is another beautiful natural site, which, as the name implies, is a pristine and permanent underground lake within a cave.

lake cave

Jewel Cave – Caves Road, Augusta – 3 hrs 15 min south-west of Perth

The largest show cave in Western Australia, Jewel Cave has four massive chambers and an incredible number of beautiful formations to view!  This is a cave you will not want to leave.


Augusta and the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse – Augusta – 3 hrs 40 min south-west of Perth

cape leeuwin

Augusta is only some 15 or 20 minutes from Jewel Cave, and is where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet.  The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is located there; it is mainland Australia’s tallest lighthouse.

Gloucester Tree – Pemberton – 3 hrs 40 min south of Perth

Climb a 61 m tall karri tree and view the forest from the site of an old forestry lookout.

pemberton tree

Giant Tingle Tree – Walpole – 4 hrs 40 min south-east of Perth

At 24 metres, the Giant Tingle Tree is the largest, living, girthed eucalypt known in the world


Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk – Between Walpole and Denmark – 5 hrs south-east of Perth

Enjoy walking through the karri forest canopy!  Growing to over 80 metres, karri trees are one of the tallest trees in the world.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk eucalyptus forest, Walpole-Nornalup National Park, Western Australia.

Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks – Denmark – 5 hrs south-east of Perth

What’s not to love about Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks?  Beautiful scenery and a gorgeous, sheltered swimming area!

greens-pool-western-australia Greens Pool

elephant rocks Elephant Rocks

Albany – 4.5 hrs south of Perth


A030P - Little Beach  Albany, Western Australia

Albany was the first established European settlement in Western Australia.  The history of Albany includes the first and second ANZAC troops departing for Gallipoli.  It also served as a whaling station and had a gaol for convicts shipped from England.  An interest of a more modern era is the Albany Wind Farm with its wind turbines.

Castle Rock – Porongurup Ranges – 4 hrs 20 min south-east from Perth


One must first climb the hill, then find your way through some giant boulders and over some large rocks, but the reward is to locate the ladder and climb to the top of Castle Rock for some amazing views!

 Bluff Knoll & Stirling Ranges – 3 hrs 50 min south-east of Perth

bluff knoll Bluff Knoll

Towns_Stirling_Ranges Stirling Ranges

Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges rises 1,099 metres (3,606 ft) above sea level and is one of only a few places to experience regular snowfalls in Western Australia.

Climbing Bluff Knoll, a round trip of about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi), takes three to four hours, and can be achieved by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness, however preparation is critical as the weather can be subject to rapid, unpredictable changes.  The view from the summit encompasses the Stirling and Porongurup mountain ranges, as well as the coast near Albany.


Pan Pacific Master Games, 1 – 9 Nov 2014


The Gold Coast will play host to the 9th Pan Pacific Masters Games this year.  With an expected 12,000 participants, it is the largest masters sporting event of its kind in the world.

The event includes over 40 sports and runs from 1 – 9 November 2014.  Dragon boat racing is held on 8 – 9 November.

The event coordinator is searching for dragon boat enthusiasts over 40 years of age who would be interested in the event.

Standard entry fees end on the 3rd September, with an additional fee of $20 for entries after this date. Team entries for dragon boats close Friday 10 October 2014 5pm and individuals entering  into existing teams close Friday 30 October 2014.

The following poster and document contains dragon boat specific competition information, as well as general games information.

Below is a direct link to the dragon boat events page on the PanPac website-

If further information is required, please send an email to the .