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2018-2019 DBWA Regatta dates

A reminder to mark your calendar!   The 2018-2019 regatta dates are as follows:

  • Regatta #1 – 11 November 2018
  • Regatta #2 – 9 December 2018
  • Regatta #3 – 13 January 2019
  • Regatta #4 – 17 February 2019

The State Championship dates are:

  • State Championships Day 1 – 17 March 2019
  • State Championships Day 2 – 24 March 2019


Member Protection

The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is the first point of call within DBWA for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment and abuse.

For description of the role of the MPIO and how they may provide information about the correct processes to deal with matters of concern, please see the following document:

Additional information, including the National Member Protection Policy and the Code of Conduct, is available on the AusDBF website.

State Championships – Day 2, 500m – 24 Mar 2018

Congratulations to all clubs and paddlers who competed at this year’s State Championships.

Thank you to the multitude of people who volunteer their time throughout the year both at regattas and in preparation for regattas.  This includes all of those who participate with finishing tower timing, marshalling, race starts, rescue boat, boat handling and other tasks, as well as coaches, team managers, people who have towed boats to the regattas,  set up toggles, lifted boats onto trailers, ran the sausage sizzles, arranged raffle prizes, put up and took down tents, collected fees, paid fees, worked on club committees, and everyone else who has participated in their various ways to contribute to the DBWA regattas and our sport!  If anyone has been missed, it is not intentional — THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Results for Day 2 of the State Championships:

State Championships – Day 1, 200m – 18 Mar 2018

Congratulations to everyone who participated at the State Championships!   Great work by all teams getting through marshalling and up to the start line quickly – thank you!

Results, in various formats, are as below:

2017-18 WA State Dragon Boat team

Congratulations to all members of the 2017-18 State Team!  The team will be competing at the 2018 Australian National Championships at Lake Kawana in Queensland.

A big congratulations too, to our flag bearer, Maureen (Mo) Cowdell.  Mo is a very active member of the Denmark Dragon Boat Club and a valued paddler and sweep. See below for a photograph of Mo.

Members of the State Team are listed below, as is a photo.


WA State Team 2017-18

Maureen (Mo) Cowdell


WA State Team 2017-18
Paddler   Club
Amelia Anderson Mandurah
Malcolm Anderson Mandurah
Andrew Barnes Cockburn Blades
Grace Beeson Fremantle Swan
Geoff Burgess Indian Ocean
Sandy Burgess Indian Ocean
Katie Burrow Lakers
Carlie Byrne Cockburn Blades
Tim Byrne Cockburn Blades
Jamie Clark Fremantle Swan
Kyla Clark Fremantle Swan
Cherie Cobban Cockburn Blades
Tanya Cobban Fremantle Swan
Sharon Corsbie Cockburn Blades
Lexie Cosgriff Fremantle Swan
Maureen Cowdell Denmark
Ann Maree Crook Fremantle Swan
Will Davie Fremantle Swan
Joanne Dixon Fremantle Swan
Dylan Duce Fremantle Swan
Joe Dunne Fremantle Swan
Elsie Edmonds Denmark
Graeme Elliott Fremantle Swan
Jude Foss Fremantle Swan
Daniel Foucar Lakers
Shani Golden Forza
Jennifer (Jenny) Hall Amazons
Jake Harris Denmark
Denise Holroyd Fremantle Swan
Xavier Houston Fremantle Swan
Laura Hughes Fremantle Swan
Karen Irvine Indian Ocean
Peter Irvine Indian Ocean
Kayla Jerez Fremantle Swan
Kelvin Koay Indian Ocean
Alan Konning Perth Pirates
Susan Konning Perth Pirates
Lynne Kostanic Cockburn Blades
Lexi (Alexandra) Latto Fremantle Swan
Isabella Leech Fremantle Swan
Kimberley Mahony Fremantle Swan
Kim Marsden Amazons
Maggie Marshall Cockburn Blades
Richard Marshall Cockburn Blades
Sue Martin Indian Ocean
Heather Masters Fremantle Swan
Evelyn McNicol Fury
Gayle Morgan Fremantle Swan
Luke Ottaviano Fremantle Swan
Molly Owen Fremantle Swan
Valerie Prentice Fremantle Swan
Kristin Priest Cockburn Blades
Carol Roberts Fremantle Swan
Kady Sherwood Fremantle Swan
Georgina Smith Perth Pirates
Jamie Smith Fremantle Swan
Brad Smits Lakers
Ruby Spackman Fremantle Swan
Wade Spackman  Fremantle Swan
Scott Sparkes-MacDonald Fremantle Swan
Molly Svensson Fremantle Swan
Shannon To Indian Ocean
Emma Troncone Fremantle Swan
Susan Troncone Amazons
Frank Urbano Cockburn Blades
Alex Wheeler Fremantle Swan
Vivienne Wigg Cockburn Blades


Team Captains
Junior captains- Joe Dunne and Elsie Edmonds
Junior vice captain- Emma Troncone
Premier captain’s- Kim Mahony and Ann-Maree Crook
Senior B Women captain Mo Cowdell

Joe and Emma
Elsie and Mo
Kim and Ann-Maree