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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of DBWA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Wednesday 17 September 2014
Venue: Swan Yacht Club, Riverside Road, East Fremantle
Start Time: 6.15 – 6:45 pm for lodgement of any outstanding proxies, 7.00 pm meeting start

This is a closed AGM; only financial members will be admitted

Please see attached documents including:
AGM agenda 17 September 2014
AGM agenda 17 September 2014 – updated 6 Sept 14
AGM Minutes – 18 September 2013
DBWA Finance Report 2012 to 2013
DBWA Board Report 2013-3
Audit report 2012-2013
Proxy voting form
Nomination form DBWA Board

As per the requirements of the Constitution of Dragon Boating WA Inc, (DBWA), the DBWA Board Member positions listed below are up for election.  Note that a member’s location in WA is not a limiting factor for nomination.

  •   President – 2 years
  •   Administration Director – 1 year (this vacancy is for the second year of a 2-year term)
  •   Finance Director – 2 years
  •   Communications Director – 2 years
  •   Coaching Director – 2 years
  •   Elected Board Member ‘A’ – 2 years
  •   Elected Board Member ‘C’ – 1 year (2nd year of 2-year term)

Chung Wah/DBWA event – postponed

The Chung Wah/DBWA regatta event originally scheduled for 26 October 2014 has been postponed.

Both DBWA and Chung Wah are keen to go ahead with the event, but due to busy schedules and limited resources in 2014 it was determined that postponing the regatta will provide the best opportunity to ensure a successful event for all participants.

Updates will be provided as they come available.

SmartSpace training – 25 October 2014

Ray Strachan, the developer of our registration system SmartSpace  has agreed to come to Perth to provide training to club registrars.  The date we are looking at is Saturday 25 October.  The training will take about 6 hours.  DBWA is keen to get everyone trained to use the system and will pay expenses for regional club registrars to come to Perth.
The venue is Department of Sport and Recreation at 246 Vincent Street, Leederville.
If possible, bring a laptop (free wifi provided).  If you don’t have one, let DBWA (Barb Clarkson) know so one can be organised for you.

AusDBF visit – Paddlers Information Forum

Kel Watt, President of AusDBF will be in Perth on 12th and 13th August 2014. 
A paddler forum has been organised for Tuesday 12 August at the East Fremantle Yacht Club (Cockburn DBC). Start time is 7.30pm. 
All paddlers welcome to attend and Kel is keen to meet as many as possible.  An agenda will be out shortly.  RSVP to DBWA – .

Are you a club President or on a Committee?

Are you a club President or a Committee Member?  Ever wonder what your legal obligations are as a member of the committee?  Do you know how to revise your club Constitution?  Do you know whether your club can accept proxy votes at the club AGM?

If you have ever wondered about these things, or simply to learn more about club administration, an information sheet has been created to help you!  Click here for the info sheet.


Auroras – important info – test date Sat 14 June


Last night all the state assessors for the fitness test for Canada campaign had a teleconference with Serge.

Results from all states fitness tests must now be sorted by category and forwarded to Serge by Sunday 15th June so that they can be combined into categories and forwarded to category coaches.

Coaches will then review results and will have a teleconference with Serge where decisions will made on invitations to camp one. This process will start with the juniors so that invitations can be circulated by 21st June 2014 as the junior camp will be in last weekend in July or 1st weekend in August.

Please be advised that the WA fitness test will be held on Saturday 14th June 2014 between 0900 and 1600. Venue and actual times for categories will be advised later.

To date I’ve received EOI forms for paddlers / drummers / sweeps. Those that will be attending can you please forward your EOI forms for paddler / drummer / sweep to me so that I can organise the various category testing on the 14th June 2014. I’ve had queries from a few paddlers who are unsure whether they will do the fitness test or not. It is in your interest to do the test. If you don’t do fitness test you can’t receive an invite to camp one. If you do test you can receive invite to camp one. If for whatever reason you could then withdraw later but at least you’re in the mix for selection.
Read below and if any queries please contact me.

Following is some changes and hints for the fitness test from the meeting.

Sit ups.
Men (snr and jnr) – hands locked behind head
Women (snr and jnr) – arms crossed and hold onto shoulders (was originally hands on ears).

Push ups (jnrs only)
Men – must be on the toes
Women – changed to push ups with knees on ground.
Hint re push ups. Some people do push ups with feet wide apart. If feet wide apart this puts all the pressure on the shoulders. Feet together reduce pressure on shoulder.

Chin ups
Elbows must point forward not sidewards. Need to go down fast (not slow) and accelerate up.

Bench Press
Elbows must be pointed out and not next to body. Hands should be one hand width out from shoulder.

Please contact , DBWA Coaching Director if you have questions.


IMPORTANT – Further Aurora fitness testing updates


Paddlers interested in trying out for the Auroras need to read the following.

Please see email below from Serghei (Serge) Cucsa, Aurora Head Coach. Please read entire email, but the important piece that everyone has been asking is highlighted in yellow. What this means is that the benchmarking in early June is just a gauge for the overall fitness of the nominees. You need to concentrate on your preparation for the fitness test so that you achieve the best outcome for you. Please DO NOT start comparing your results with others as everyone’s body weight and required weights etc. are different.

The fitness test program previously circulated was a bit hard to read. The updated details have been put into a spreadsheet which makes it easier to read and can be printed onto two sheets of paper.

Below are the fitness test spreadsheet and Word document versions of the paddler and drummer / sweep application forms.

Given the number of questions from juniors and seniors about fitness test program and the Canada campaign, a meeting is being organised for this Saturday, 10 May at 3:30 pm at Swan Yacht club. The SYC has been selected for the meeting as the DBWA Coaching Director, Rex Tindal, needs to be at that location until approx 3pm. The meeting will either be in the Ward room or upstairs if no function on.

Interested paddlers from Denmark / Albany will be able to meet with Rex on the Saturday afternoon after the Denmark Marathon.

Paddlers from Forza can liase direct with Rex, as he will be in Bunbury with work over the next two weeks and can arrange to meet with paddlers if there is interest.

There have been questions regarding beep test and which one to use. There is a copy of the standard beep test that all Dragon Boat paddlers around Australia use on the DBWA website at It is good as it has beep and also voice calling the various levels. The beep test file is approx 4Mb in size. Alternatively, if one needs the beep test emailed to them please contact Rex Tindal, or bring a USB with you on Saturday and he will transfer to your USB.

If you have any queries about anything to do with Canada campaign please contact Rex Tindal viaor mobile on 0414466901 or bring questions to meeting as there will be others with the same questions.


Dear Paddlers,   We have received a number of enquiries from paddlers concerned about the dates programmed for the Aurora’s Fitness Benchmark.

Please be aware these dates are correct; we need to adhere to them for the following reasons:

If Bench marking was held later it could interfere with Clubs and their preparation for CCWC Ravenna. After CCWC is way too late to start the program for Welland.

  • To be an Aurora you must be fit and strong both mentally and physically. Many athletes nominating will maintain a high level of strength and fitness year round and will continue to build upon residual fitness levels from recent AusChamps training.
  • Camp One (1) will be intense and requires this state of preparedness and focus.

Bench Marketing is just a gauge for the overall fitness of the nominees. Actual selection process for the Australian team will take place at Camp 1… whereby the exact same  benchmark exercises will be  repeated and on water time trials in TK1 single craft over 400m & 200m will be the key components of selection as well as  technique, attitude and team spirit.

Only if the number of applicants exceeds the camp intake numbers then the results from the Bench Mark sessions will be used to determine who does/does not get an invitation to Camp 1.  (36 paddlers in each category and gender will be invited to attend each Camp 1)  

Aurora’s Applications Forms can befound on the AusDBF website… tab World Championships, tab IDBF Welland. Please print, complete and bring with you to the Benchmark session that will be held in your State.  Location and times for each State will be advised in due course. Please do not email the forms back to either Serge or AusDBF. Your details will be recorded, results collated and forwarded to Serge at the completion of the Bench mark sessions in June.


Serghei Cucsa Head Coach AusDBF

Aurora testing – 30 May -15 June 2014

Fitness Benchmarking is planned for the period 30 May to 15 June.

The fitness testing campaign for the Aurora national dragon boat team has been moved forward.  This information has just been received by DBWA.  Instead of testing being conducted September or October, the test period has been set for 30 May to 15 June 2014.  Although this comes as a surprise to many,  paddlers are encouraged to still give the tryouts their best shot by making the most of the next four weeks and training hard.  To be sure, all other paddlers across the nation are facing the same circumstances, so do WA proud and give it your best!

Paddlers interested in trying out for the Auroras are urged to nominate immediately so that the State based Fitness Benchmarking can be organised.  Applications are invited for paddlers, drummers and sweeps. If you wish to be considered as a drummer or sweep please write “for consideration as a drummer / sweep” on the application form.  Paddlers in the senior categories  must include their current weight on the application form so the proper weights for fitness test may be calculated.

Please read the documents provided below and submit your completed 2014 -2015 Aurora’s Paddler Application form to DBWA Coaching Director Rex Tindal () by Sunday, 25 May 2014 .

Details will be forthcoming regarding the venue and times for the WA fitness benchmarking.  The dates of the training camps are detailed below (see documents above regarding camp selection process).

Camp dates and locations are dependent on the category for which one applies.  Paddlers wanting to try out for the Auroras are only eligible for their age category (e.g. Senior A paddlers are not eligible for Premier team).  See the documents above for concessions regarding U24 paddlers.

  • U16 and U18: 19 – 21 July or 2 – 3 August in Brisbane/Gold Coast;
  • U24: 27 – 29 September, Sydney;
  • Premier: 11 – 13 October, Melbourne/Sydney;
  • Senior A: 1 – 3 November, Melbourne;
  • Senior B: 15 – 17 November, Canberra/Melbourne;
  • Senior C: 29 November – 1 December, Canberra

All information attached has also been uploaded to the AusDBF Website (World Championships/ IDBF 2015 Welland, Canada) for all relevant documentation regarding the current campaign.

Fitness benchmark exercises that clearly demonstrate the technique required are available to view on the AusDBF website . It is strongly advised that you review these videos and liaise with your fitness professionals (i.e. ) to ensure that you adopt safe technique/ practice when first attempting these exercises.  This is very important, especially with exercises such as the one-arm snatch which, despite it’s name, is a lower-body exercise and should not put strain on the shoulders when executed correctly.

If further information is required, please contact for assistance.