AusDBF Aurora’s Head Coach Announcement

The following announcement was sent from the Australian Dragon Boat Federation Ltd:

AusDBF,  with great pleasure wish to announce the appointment of Serghei Cucsa as Head Coach for the Aurora’s Campaign for 12th IDBF World Nations Championships to be held in Welland Canada  19 – 23 August 2015.

AusDBF have elected to exercise their discretionary right to take up the second year option of Serge’s original proposal which encapsulated 2014 – 2015 International Championships.

We were pleasantly surprised by the level of  interest and the many questions  fielded by individual Board members on  – “how to become an Aurora?”

It seems that the pride to wear the Green & Gold jersey is alive and well in the Australian dragon boat fraternity.

Attached please find the following Expressions of Interest:
* 2014 -2015 Australian Team Coaches Selection
* 2014-2015 AusDBF Team Manager EOI.

Paddlers, information for you,  regarding land based fitness testing, Camp 1 which covers further fitness testing and single craft on water time trials, plus full program details will soon be made available.

Check the AusDBF website  World Championships / IDBF 2015 Welland Canada, as information will be continually uploaded as and when documents are created.