Aurora testing – 30 May -15 June 2014

Fitness Benchmarking is planned for the period 30 May to 15 June.

The fitness testing campaign for the Aurora national dragon boat team has been moved forward.  This information has just been received by DBWA.  Instead of testing being conducted September or October, the test period has been set for 30 May to 15 June 2014.  Although this comes as a surprise to many,  paddlers are encouraged to still give the tryouts their best shot by making the most of the next four weeks and training hard.  To be sure, all other paddlers across the nation are facing the same circumstances, so do WA proud and give it your best!

Paddlers interested in trying out for the Auroras are urged to nominate immediately so that the State based Fitness Benchmarking can be organised.  Applications are invited for paddlers, drummers and sweeps. If you wish to be considered as a drummer or sweep please write “for consideration as a drummer / sweep” on the application form.  Paddlers in the senior categories  must include their current weight on the application form so the proper weights for fitness test may be calculated.

Please read the documents provided below and submit your completed 2014 -2015 Aurora’s Paddler Application form to DBWA Coaching Director Rex Tindal () by Sunday, 25 May 2014 .

Details will be forthcoming regarding the venue and times for the WA fitness benchmarking.  The dates of the training camps are detailed below (see documents above regarding camp selection process).

Camp dates and locations are dependent on the category for which one applies.  Paddlers wanting to try out for the Auroras are only eligible for their age category (e.g. Senior A paddlers are not eligible for Premier team).  See the documents above for concessions regarding U24 paddlers.

  • U16 and U18: 19 – 21 July or 2 – 3 August in Brisbane/Gold Coast;
  • U24: 27 – 29 September, Sydney;
  • Premier: 11 – 13 October, Melbourne/Sydney;
  • Senior A: 1 – 3 November, Melbourne;
  • Senior B: 15 – 17 November, Canberra/Melbourne;
  • Senior C: 29 November – 1 December, Canberra

All information attached has also been uploaded to the AusDBF Website (World Championships/ IDBF 2015 Welland, Canada) for all relevant documentation regarding the current campaign.

Fitness benchmark exercises that clearly demonstrate the technique required are available to view on the AusDBF website . It is strongly advised that you review these videos and liaise with your fitness professionals (i.e. ) to ensure that you adopt safe technique/ practice when first attempting these exercises.  This is very important, especially with exercises such as the one-arm snatch which, despite it’s name, is a lower-body exercise and should not put strain on the shoulders when executed correctly.

If further information is required, please contact for assistance.